In 2022, we helped humanity make significant progress toward establishing a long-term presence in deep space;

This is a look back at those and other activities that we carried out at NASA this year.

In 2022, NASA launched its enormous Moon rocket for the first time. In addition to sending the uncrewed Orion spacecraft around the Moon and moving an asteroid in humanity’s first-ever planetary defense demonstration, they also launched a new era in astronomy with record-breaking new Webb Space Telescope images. @NASA!

In “Splashdown!” the Mega Rocket Artemis I sends Orion to the Moon.

The historic launch of our Artemis I flight test around the Moon in 2022 was one of NASA’s most significant events. Following the historic moon mission, NASA’s Orion returns to Earth. And the launch of Artemis I…” — Launch commentator We performed “Splashdown! ” approximately 26 days after the mission’s return to Earth. The most recent chapter of NASA’s mission to the Moon has concluded! Commentary on the Mission *NASA Wants to Build Astronaut Lunar Landers for Future Artemis Moon Missions We also asked businesses to submit proposals for the construction and demonstration of astronaut lunar landers that could land on the Moon following the Artemis III mission.

*NASA Identifies Potential Landing Sites for the Next Americans on the Moon Additionally, we identified thirteen potential landing sites close to the South Pole of the Moon, each of which offers multiple Artemis III landing options.

Moon to Mars

Launch commentator: “And liftoff of Artemis I…” The historic launch of our Artemis I flight test around the Moon was one of the biggest moments for NASA in 2022. We celebrated the return of the mission to Earth about 26 days later with “Splashdown! Remarks on the Mission

In addition, we solicited proposals from businesses for the design and demonstration of astronaut Moon landers capable of carrying out Moon landing services beyond the Artemis III mission. Additionally, we discovered 13 potential landing areas close to the South Pole of the Moon, each with multiple Artemis III landing possibilities.

Solar System and Beyond

We delivered the Webb Space Telescope’s most memorable full-variety pictures and spectroscopic information, exhibiting Webb’s capacity to catch fresh, new perspectives on our planetary group and then some.

We effectively exhibited the very first planetary protection test – crashing a shuttle into a moving space rock, changing that space rock’s way of movement.

Humans in Space

The International Space Station had humans on board for the 22nd consecutive year in 2022.

*Space Station Crew Rotation Flights Continue SpaceX’s continued crew rotation flights to the space station beginning in 2022 and include Boeing’s commercial partner’s uncrewed flight test to and from the station…

The American record-breaking time spent in space by NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei…

Additionally, the initial private astronaut mission to the space station supported by NASA…

Space Tech

Our CAPSTONE spacecraft arrived at the Moon in 2022 to “test drive” the same unique orbit that the Gateway lunar outpost will fly as part of our space technology activities.

In addition, the first two-way laser relay communications system demonstrated by the agency began. Future space exploration, it has the potential to significantly enhance communication capabilities.


Work and missions that zeroed in on Earth this previous year incorporate another space station instrument that concentrates on what barometrical mineral residue means for the planet’s temperature.

Additionally, we unveiled the initial concept for an Earth Information Center to provide decision-makers with the information, resources, and tools they require to respond to climate change.

Additionally, we contributed to the celebration of Landsat’s 50 years of Earth imaging. Since its inception, the program has taken more than 10 million images.

Lithium-particle battery packs introduced in our all-electric X-57 Maxwell airplane effectively controlled the plane’s engines.

In addition, we continued our partnerships in order to create a method for the secure transportation of passengers and cargo using revolutionary new aircraft, which are only now becoming feasible.

NASA STEM education activities, a special showing of the Disney Pixar film “Lightyear,” and a number of NASA astronauts were all part of an event that the Vice President hosted.

In addition, in 2022, we continued to communicate information about NASA missions and activities via a variety of websites and social media accounts in Spanish.

One of the most significant NASA-related anniversaries occurred on the 60th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s historic speech at Rice University. The nation reaffirmed its commitment to the objective of safely returning astronauts to Earth from the Moon in the speech.

“President Kennedy was aware that that vision would be difficult—not simple. Additionally, the “Artemis Generation” is prepared today in “Space City.” Ready to take us to Mars and back to the Moon, taking us further than ever before

Benefits to You

Every year, the work we do to make science fiction a reality, expand our horizons into the cosmos, and produce ground-breaking discoveries is “work done” for your benefit!

Those are just a few of the NASA activities scheduled for 2022. Visit for additional information. I appreciate your viewing. We hope you have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season, and we can’t wait to show you more highlights from NASA’s Astronomical and Historic 2022 Publish By World News Spot


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