AJK LB elections

According to sources from the AJK LB elections Commission, arrangements are in full swing for the third and final phase of the Local Bodies elections to be held on December 8 in the Mirpur Division.

According to Raja Muhammad Farooq Niaz Khan, Sr., at least 4500 civil armed forces, including Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police, would now be available to assist the local civil administration in ensuring that civic polls are held in a free, fair, and peaceful manner. On Monday, I joined the Azad Jammu and Kashmir State Election Commission. AJK LB elections

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir State LB elections are being held on a party-by-party basis.

Be that as it may, free competitors are additionally in hurried to challenge the surveys to get into the municipal collections of all classes across the freed area. The urban surveys are being held in three stages under the support of the AJK Political race Commission with the coordination of the legal executive in a free, fair, and straightforward way in a joint effort of the security establishments including the common military, and nearby thoughtful policing.

Niaz emphasized that the Pakistani military will also be available as a quick response force to combat any occurrence during the elections.

He added that, after a long pause of more than three decades, adequate preparations were being given the final touches for holding the LB elections in AJK. It could be referenced that in the first and second stages, the neighborhood bodies’ decisions have been held in Muzaffarabad and Poonch divisions separately on November 27 and December 3.

In the third phase of the election on December 8, AJK LB elections

a total of 1,232,079 registered voters from all three districts of the Mirpur division—Mirpur, Kotli, and Bhimbher districts—will exercise their right to vote to elect the local bodies representatives of their choice. There are 563,016 registered voters in the Kotli district, 366,043 in the Mirpur district, and 303,020 in the Bhimbher district, Sr. AJK EC member stated. Raja Farooq Niaz went on to say that 1,026 polling places are being built in the Kotli district, 625 in the Mirpur district and 538 in the Bhimbher district to make it easier for male and female registered voters to exercise their right to vote and choose their civic bodies’ members.

In the Poonch division, 1,016,889 registered voters participated in the second phase of the LB elections on Saturday, December 3, with a significant turnout.

In order to make it easier for registered voters to exercise their right to vote, a total of 1,859 polling stations with 2,697 polling booths were constructed in all four districts of the Poonch Division—Rawalakot, Bagh, Sudhanoti, and Haveli districts—with 558 polling stations for male voters, 542 polling stations for female voters, and 762 joint polling stations. There are a total of 695,049 registered male and female voters in the Muzaffarabad division, which includes the three districts of Muzaffarabad, Neelam Valley, and Jhelum Valley. The first phase of the civic elections took place on November 27 of this year.

Polling in the third and final phase of the elections in the Mirpur division will begin at 8 a.m. and continue uninterrupted until 5 p.m. After the last-minute deadline has passed, registered voters who show up at the polling places will also be able to exercise their right to vote. World news Spot


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