2022 travel has not been easy after a year of travel chaos, flight cancellations, and lost luggage. 

Only in hand luggage, We’re all looking for ways to save money while still enjoying our well-earned vacation because flight prices are higher than ever because of the energy crisis. While you can do nothing to change the expense of an air ticket, you can reduce added expenses, like holding gear.  By registering online and proceeding straight to security, passengers traveling with only hand luggage can also avoid the baggage drop lines.

I recently managed to fit everything I needed, including my laptop, into a small backpack for a four-night stay in Belfast. It quietly gave me the assurance that I could meet the challenge of packing everything I needed for a full week away.

To test the theory more scientifically, I collected everything I brought on my recent seven-day trip to Croatia to see how much I could fit in a bag the size of a handbag.

What is the best bag for carrying luggage?

There are two critical elements to consider with regard to concluding what sort of pack to take.

You’ll have to pay more if you want a wheelie mini case or a bigger backpack. However, spending a few extra euros is probably well worth it if you plan to stay for more than a week.

The second thing to think about is where you’re going and what kind of vacation you want to have.

I just returned from a wonderful week in Croatia, where I spent time exploring Dubrovnik and the islands nearby.

I discovered during my trip that bringing a wheelie suitcase to Dubrovnik probably wasn’t a good idea. Carrying a suitcase up and down the city’s numerous stairways is a real pain.

If your lodging is located on or above the second floor of an older building, the same rule applies. Help yourself out and take a rucksack all things considered.

Review of Snugpak Pakbox: Here’s how I felt about it:

A wheelie trolley is a well-known type of hand luggage that you probably already have. As you can see from the video above, my outfit has seen better days after many adventures.)

Investing in some packing cubes is a great way to keep your case organized and prevent it from becoming chaotic when you’re looking for a specific item.

I chose the Snugpak Pakbox, which comes in sizes of 1, 2, 4, and 6 liters. I chose only the 1, 2, and 4L options for my case because I think the 6L would take up most of the space and defeat the purpose.

All of my evening and sightseeing clothes fit perfectly in the 4L Pak box. I’d normally settle on an overlap and stack sideways pressing procedure (à la Marie Kondo) however as the shapes aren’t especially profound, I’d prompt you to roll your garments.

The 2L is useful for delicates like underwear and pajamas. Looking back, I’d most likely purchase two of these if I had any desire to keep away from any arbitrary drifting things for my situation as I found there was no space for my ocean-side concealments.

Reviewed the Tropicfeel Shell bag: Pay attention to the little things and the features that are hidden

The Tropicfeel Shell bag is the only option if you have decided that a backpack will be your primary form of hand luggage. It simplifies repacking at the end of your trip and helps you keep your belongings organized, just like packing cubes do. In addition, it has a lot of thoughtful attachments and pockets, and it looks pretty good.

I decided to include the toiletry bag attachment, which fastens securely to the backpack’s front.

The bag’s hidden shoe storage pouch at the bottom is another great feature. You can put your flip-flops and bulkier boots in there if you want to go exploring while wearing them.

How to make travel essentials compatible with hand luggage

Liquids present a significant challenge when traveling with only hand luggage. When you’re only allowed to carry a small plastic bag full of supplies, it can be challenging to survive on vacation, where we need a wide range of products.

Review of Halo Bottle Prima: Small but powerful

Many individuals don’t understand that you can take an unfilled water bottle through security. A few air terminals have drinking fountains however in the event that not, bars and cafés will ordinarily top it off for you for nothing.

I recently acquired a Halo Bottle Prima 500ml bottle, which is one of the smallest and lightest insulated water bottles on the market. It is ideal for traveling light due to its size and weight.

In Croatia, where I spent many hot days in national parks or by the sea where there wasn’t always a place to refill it, I brought my Halo Bottle with me.

I added ice and water to my Halo Bottle and a large, uninsulated bottle each day. The first kept me hydrated throughout the morning, but by lunchtime, anything left would be extremely warm. However, even after spending several hours in the sun, the water in my Halo Bottle remained icy cold.

Stickers for Natural Patch’s mosquito repellent: Does it work?

If you leave a patch on your clothes by accident, they won’t break down and make a mess when you wash them. They are not yet recyclable, but the company suggests using them for arts and crafts with your kids. Since I don’t have any children at the moment, my kettle has a cool dude sticker on it.)

Microfiber towels from Nabaiji: They are easy to pack and will keep you dry.

When you’re trying to pack light, it’s always hard to fit a towel in there. However, unless you are staying at a resort, you will probably need one to go to the beach.

I’ve always been a little skeptical about the idea that the odd travel towel my mother had in the 1990s came from her. I used the large as well as the extra-large sizes.

If you only plan to swim occasionally during your vacation and have limited space, the large is an excellent choice. It’s not very big, but there’s enough fabric to cover yourself completely. To be honest, it is much larger than some of the towels I used in my vacation Airbnbs.

The extra large is necessary if you intend to sunbathe on the beach for several days.

Additionally, both towels have an elasticated loop that not only wraps around them to keep them folded neatly in your bag but also makes it simple to hang them up to dry.

Sunscreen is absolutely necessary for summer and skiing vacations. If you have room in your bag, most stores now sell bottles that are small enough to fit in a handbag. Alternatively, you can buy a larger bottle when you get to your destination.

If you wear makeup, you can cut down on liquids by skipping the holiday without using foundation. Being able to breathe will be wonderful for your skin, and after a long day in the sun, you’ll have a lovely natural glow at night.

Additionally, when you return, it is likely that any usual obstructions will have disappeared.

How to travel light

Choose the outfit that will be the bulkiest for you to wear on the plane after you have decided which clothes you want to bring. Since flip-flops take up much less space, you’ll probably have to wear trainers for this. You’ll feel a lot more at ease as an added bonus.

One of my greatest ways to pack light – and hold on for me on this one – is: to bring more underwear than you anticipate needing.

Underwear doesn’t take up a lot of space, so overpacking it might sound counterproductive. Put on some clean pants right away to feel instantly fresher if you’ve spent the day sightseeing in the heat without any spare clothes. I guarantee that you will appreciate my advice.


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