The Academy banned Will Smith Oscar for ten years

The Academy president Janet Yang permitted Will Smith to get his Oscars nameplate after the slap gate controversy.

Speaking to, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president Yang said that the Emancipation star can get his Oscar nameplate engraved as the Smith missed the Governors Ball last year, where nameplates are attached to the awards after the ceremony actor did not attend the Governors Ball after the ceremony last year.

“He earned the Oscar,” Yang continued. “He should have his name engraved on it. I don’t know if he should personally come. But yeah, we can arrange it.”

Yang also opened up on his initial reaction to Smith’s attack on Chris Rock, “Truly, we were numb. Like everyone else, in the beginning, when Will walks onto the stage, we’re like, ‘Oh, this is a funny bit. He is going to pretend he slaps him, and then Chris is going to act stunned. And then it was like, ‘Ok, well that’s over.’ And then he goes back to his seat, and then he starts shouting — that’s when, of course, everyone said, ‘Oh my God, this is real.'”

In response to Smith’s slap, the Academy slapped a ban of 10 years on the actor from all events. 


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