Auto Industry

In an unprecedented development, the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC) on Friday approved the safety standards for the Auto Industry.

The safety standards will now be forwarded to the federal cabinet for approval. Once approved, these regulations will become effective for the Auto Industry sector.

According to details, the CCLC has approved eight safety standards for locally manufactured vehicles. These are Child Restraint System (PS:5574 and PS:5575), Safety Belts (PS:5578 and PS:5579), Air Bags (PS:5576), Electric PowerTrain for EVs (PS:5550 and PS:5551), and Helmet for Riders (PS:1402).

PSQCA faced tremendous difficulties in developing the national standards for vehicles assembled/manufactured in the country due to overlapping stakes of three ministries.
These stakeholders included the Ministry of Science and Technology, which governs the PSQCA, the Ministry of Industries, which deals with the auto sector, and the Ministry of Climate Change, which is working to curb carbon emissions.

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