Imran Khan is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, and it would be highly unusual for the police to attempt to arrest a sitting Prime Minister. It is unclear what specific charges or allegations would prompt such a move, and it would be up to the courts to decide if the police have the legal authority to make an arrest.

In general, the legal system in Pakistan operates independently of political influence, and any decision regarding the arrest of a high-profile individual would likely be based on evidence and legal precedent rather than political considerations.

Police are hanging tight for the court administering the warrant prior to making any move against Imran Khan Arrest.

Scores of allies of Imran Khan blockaded his home on Friday to safeguard him as the previous Pakistani top state leader held back hearing a decision on whether security powers could send off activity to capture him for neglecting to appear in court.
In front of the court choice, a strained quiet won in Khan’s Lahore neighborhood which prior to this week was the location of pitched fights between many allies and security powers that had attempted to drive the previous worldwide cricketer to go to a consultation for a situation where he is blamed for selling state gifts given to him while he was state head.

Khan denies the charges.

Despite the fact that there was no police presence on Friday, witnesses said Khan’s allies, furnished with implements and iron bars, remained positioned external his home.

Khan’s helper Fawad Chadhury said his party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, had documented one more request on Friday at the Islamabad High Court to suspend the warrant after a lower court dismissed a comparable supplication daily prior.

“Our allies are outside Imran Khan’s home however I don’t figure matters will become outrageous,” he added.

Police are sitting tight for the court administering the warrant prior to making any move, the common government’s data serve Amir Mir said.

The savagery on Tuesday and Wednesday, where nonconformists flung petroleum bombs and security powers utilized nerve gas and water cannon, had raised fears of another political stalemate in atomic-equipped Pakistan, which is now wrestling with a financial emergency.

The Political race Commission of Pakistan had viewed him to be unquestionably liable and banned Khan from serving in a position of authority for one parliamentary term.

Khan has said he was able to present a composed endeavor that he would willfully show up under the steady gaze of the court on Saturday, however, the court said such an endeavor was inadequate. It was hazy whether the trial on Friday would think about this endeavor.


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