Pakistan Earns $2.6 Billion from IT Services Export During Fiscal Year 2023

In the fiscal year 2022–23, Pakistan earned $2,605.34 million from Information Technology (IT) services, which is a bit less than the previous year by 0.53 percent. Out of these IT services, earnings from computer services increased slightly by 0.08 percent, making it $2,110.99 million. On the other hand, earnings from software consulting services decreased by 4.36 percent, while earnings from hardware consulting services went up by 87.97 percent.

During the same time, exports of information services, which include news agencies and other information services, increased. However, exports of other telecommunication services within the telecommunication category went down.

These numbers, given by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, show the different trends in Pakistan’s IT and information service exports during that fiscal year.

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