Pink Lily Beauty, a 23-piece collection of multitasking skin care-infused cheek, lip, eye, and brow products priced at $22 or less, debuts on March 10 and aims to answer this question. 

Pink Lily, which Tori and Chris Gerbig, a husband-and-wife team, founded in 2011 as an eBay storefront, is now a $140 million online apparel destination that sells a variety of clothing, swimwear, shoes, and accessories. 

Tori Gerbig, Pink Lily’s chief executive officer, said, “We’ve built this extremely loyal community over the last decade.” She uses her over 677,000 Instagram followers to help the company innovate and plan its next steps. On my personal platforms, I always take the customer behind the scenes to inquire, “OK, what kind of graphic Ts do you want?” What is lacking from swimwear?’ And that sets us apart from big-box brands greatly.” 

Pink Lily’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Tori Gerbig.

courtesy photo As a result, Gerbig decided to enter the beauty industry as a result of customers’ frequent inquiries about the makeup choices of Pink Lily’s models. 

‚ÄúPeople would say things like, “That dress is beautiful, but what lipstick is she wearing?” Or, “How does she look so tan?” What brand of product is she using?’ Gerbig came to mind. 

The introduction of the brand’s Pink Lily Luxury Tan tanning mousse in 2021, which was available in three shades, sparked such enthusiasm that Gerbig was convinced that the company’s expansion beyond apparel could have legs. 

We then considered, “You know what? Let’s not just tan; let’s do beauty as well.’ Gerbig stated, “I wanted to sell lip color and eye makeup because I wanted the girls to be able to complete the Pink Lily look.” 

Pink Lily Beauty is a line of tinted lip oils, highlighting drops, dual eye shadow and eyeliner pencils, vegan, cruelty-free tinted lip oils, and brow gels and pencils.  

Gerbig said, “I’m a mom of three, I have a busy job.

I don’t have an hour every single day to throw on my makeup.” He also said that the typical Pink Lily customer is between the ages of 25 and 45 and probably also wants convenience in their beauty routine. I wanted to focus on products that can be used multiple times because they take up less space and produce less waste, but also because it’s easy.

The first line from Pink Lily Beauty.

Shea butter, hyaluronic acid derivative sodium hyaluronate, vitamins C and E, meadowfoam seed oil, and a variety of fruit extracts are among the skin care ingredients in the line’s formulas, which aim to not only streamline the routine but also improve skin health while wearing them. Photo courtesy of courtesy photo 

Although Gerbig did not comment on the estimates, industry sources anticipate that the line, which sells for $14 for a brow gel and $22 for the Double Bloom Dual Lipstick & Lip Liner, could generate up to $5 million in first-year sales. 

Gerbig, who has previously collaborated on limited-edition collections with influencers like Caitlin Covington, stated, “We want to scale Pink Lily Beauty, which, with our ambassadors and social media following, we know we can do.”

“Throughout 2023, we have drops planned; we are bringing liquid eye shadows, more for the cheeks, and a holiday palette; We are considering a new product that we want to launch in 2024 and are also considering releasing shade extensions for our current selection.

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