Portable Air Conditioners Dubai: Easy Ways to Clean

Many people tend to prefer the simpler AC system these days. This is the beloved portable air conditioner. These ACs are easy to install and move and take up very little space. Plus, if you’re someone who moves a lot, then this is the right option for you. But because you move with this AC, it also tends to get really dirty. You’re in luck, as this AC is easy to clean. But you might question yourself about where to start with the cleaning. This is why we’re here to make the cleaning process easier for you. So join us as we learn how to clean portable Air Conditioners Dubai.

Prepping to Clean

Before you dig into your portable AC, you’ll need to prep a little. There are a few things that you need to set up before you start the cleaning process. The first thing is to gather all your tools for it. This includes a damp cleaning cloth, a bucket, a clean air filter, and a screwdriver. These things are important to keep you ready for all your cleaning needs. Then, you need to unplug the AC before you do anything. This is to keep you safe from electrocution or damaging the AC. Once you unplug it, place the AC on a solid surface and not on the floor. As you don’t want the dirty water to leak over your floor or carpets. Finally, it’s time to get the AC apart and dig in! But remember to follow the manual while doing so you don’t mess it up.

1.      Drain the Water

Just like your regular AC, portable ones also remove water from the air. But this water doesn’t drain out of them through a pipe. But it collects inside them in a container that you need to empty often. This bucket is ideal and serves the purpose of this AC being portable. If you’re someone who forgets chores. Some ACs come with a light that tells you when it’s time to empty the water. You’ll find this drain at the back of your unit in the form of a tray or bucket. You’ll have to pull it out and empty the vessel before you start cleaning. This is so that you don’t spill water over the unit while cleaning.

2.      Clean and Change Air Filters

The next task is to check the air filters’ condition. You’ll need to see whether they’re free from dirt and debris. Remember that if these filters are full of dirt, your AC won’t be working as it should. This would also put a burden on the compressor, making it overwork. This eventually leads to the compressor overheating and leaking and your unit going dead. Now, you must know the importance of having good, clean air filters for your portable AC. So you can either wash the filter under running water and free them off the debris. Or soak them in warm, soapy water before washing them. This will make it easier to clean the air filters. But if you’re air filters are really dirty or torn or broken. Then, you should consider buying new ones to make sure that your unit runs perfectly.

3.      Clean the Vents

There are two vents in your AC that you need to clean. One is the cold air discharge vent from where the cold air comes out. The other is, clearly, the warm air vent from where warm air comes out. Both these vents need cleaning so that your portable AC runs in the best condition. If your air filters are clean, then these vents will be clean as well. So you’ll only find a little film of dust on them that you’ll need to clean as per routine. If these vents have too much dirt on them, then this is an alarming sign. You need to check the air filters and make sure that they’re clean and free from debris.

4.      Check Your Coils

This is another important part of your AC that plays a role in cooling the air. The coils are the main parts that cool the air moving around them. So you need to check them for any extra dirt and debris, too. As if these coils have dirt on them, then they won’t be cooling the air as well as they should. So, take a soft brush or damp cloth to wipe the dirt off these coils. This will make sure that you get the cool air in Dubai’s scorching heat.

5.      Clean the Exterior

Now that we have the interior of our AC clean. It’s time to get to cleaning the exterior of this portable AC. Simply use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the panels and other parts of your AC. But don’t get too hasty with putting it back together. Let the entire unit dry up before you start putting it back together. The best practice is to clean your AC regularly with a damp cloth. So it’s not too much when you start cleaning it. This also helps you in doing a speedy clean up as most of your AC would already be clean.

6.      Put it Back Together

Now, follow the manual to put the AC back together. Make sure that you put the panels back in place. Use the screwdriver you got before to screw in any nuts and bolts. You need to make sure that everything is back in place before you start the AC unit. Wait, are you forgetting something? Yes, you are! Remember to slide in the bucket or tray that catches excess water. Otherwise, you’ll find your AC sitting in a puddle of its own water. Now clean the outer sides of your AC and let it dry before you plug it in. And voila! You have a clean and good-as-new AC back at your service.

Time to Chill!

Now that you know the right ways to clean your portable AC quickly. If your AC is old or needs professional help to clean, or even buy a new one. Look no further than Central Trading Company Dubai. They have the best home tank chillers and professionals who can tend to all your AC needs!

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