skirt set by Nora Fatehi

The chic call we need is the Prada co-ord skirt set by Nora Fatehi

The cost of her Balenciaga bag is as follows: a set that coordinates. Where is the deception that dressing in costumes is a recurring trend? Do you wish to skip dress day? Just say yes! One of Nora Fatehi’s personal favorites, a coordinated ensemble, is back. She is currently in Qatar, the host nation of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. We were astounded, and her most recent appearance is our new season’s agenda. Does the phrase “dresses for December” appear on a style guide? Say farewell. There’s a darker side to this.

This dream ensemble is something to keep an eye out for whenever you feel like a monochrome wholesome look is needed.

She looks so elegant and royally Prada in this two-piece ensemble. Because life is too short not to try something sexy, isn’t it? Wear this ensemble to loosen up your style this winter and give yourself a summery vibe. A long shirt and all the tricks we use to make it look classy and stylish are too much work. Grab hold of this Rs. 1,19,766.94 twill cropped shirt with an elasticated hem, long sleeves, a pocket, a printed logo, and a collar that looks like it came from the past. A matching midi wrap skirt with tie-up detail completes the look.

Ah, that new, ready-to-replicate look feeling! With a Balenciaga hourglass handbag as her accessory, her out-of-the-box look was extravagant to the hilt.

This Italian product costs 2,56,473.85 arm candy has croc-effect leather and a “B” logo, both of which give the impression of being high-end. A black bag never lets you down. When was the last time it went to a party with you that night? It was probably also last night. With big sunglasses and pumps with pointed toes, you’ll look like a team player. You could also look for white accessories because the outfit has white details. Layering your look with more jewelry, such as rings and hoop earrings, is the most beautiful thing you can do.

His sleek hairstyle of Nora also included bangs. Wear your blush and matte your lips with pink or nude lipstick. the skirt set by Nora Fatehi


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