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The Bradshaw Bunch’s Rachel Bradshaw Confirms She Has a New Boyfriend

Rachel Bradshaw

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rachel Bradshaw confirmed that she has a new boyfriend. Rachel didn’t offer many details about her new beau, but did say that he is “absolutely amazing.” We’re curious to find out more about this mystery man, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Rachel spills in her next interview.

Rachel Bradshaw Confirms She has a New Boyfriend

Rachel Bradshaw has confirmed that she is dating a new man. She posted a picture on Instagram of herself and her new beau, with the caption “happy valentines day!” Bradshaw has been very private about her love life in the past, so this is a big reveal. It’s unclear if Peterson is Bradshaw’s current boyfriend or just someone she’s flirting with, but either way, this is a major development for the actress.

Fans React to the News Rachel Bradshaw

Fans of Rachel Bradshaw were stunned when she confirmed that she has a new boyfriend. Many speculate who he is, while others are just happy to see her happy. Here are some of the reactions to her news:

“I’m so excited for her! I hope they have a long and happy relationship!”

What Does This Mean for the Show?

Fans of the show were not only excited to see Rachel’s return but also to see what her new storyline would be. Now that Rachel has confirmed she is dating a man named Matt, many are wondering what this means for the rest of the season. While it’s hard to say without knowing all of the details, it seems like this could play into some storylines that have been brewing.

For starters, it seems like Rachel may finally be ready to move on from her relationship with Jason. With Matt around, it will be interesting to see how she and Jason interact. If things don’t work out between them, maybe Matt can be a potential replacement. Additionally, there is a chance that Rachel’s new relationship could impact her friendship with Phoebe. While they have had their share of conflicts, it would be interesting to see if things changed now that Rachel is dating someone.

Whatever the case may be, fans will definitely want to tune in next season to find out what happens!


It has been a little over two months since Rachel Bradshaw confirmed that she and her husband of 10 years, Brian Moynihan, were going through a separation. Now, in an interview with ET Canada, the 36-year-old actress confirms that she is currently dating someone new.

“I’m single,” Bradshaw said during the interview. “I’ve been single for a while.”

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