Sadie Sink on Why You Should Trust Your Gut and Just Say Yes

Sadie Sink on Why You Should Trust Your Gut and Just Say Yes

The actor and Armani Beauty’s new global ambassador isn’t afraid to rely on her intuition.

Armani Beauty: When it comes to making decisions, there are two kinds of people: those who lay out all the options and play out every possible outcome and those who trust their gut without hesitation. Stranger Things actor Sadie Sink is most definitely the latter.

“It’s important to hold onto that because I think you can overthink things really fast,” Sink tells InStyle over Zoom. “But to me, trusting that gut instinct and your intuition will get you where you need to go.”

That casual (and inspiring) bravado makes the 21-year-old star a natural fit as Armani Beauty’s new global ambassador, joining legendary actor Cate Blanchett in Armani’s Si campaign. “I’m joining really great company,” Sink says. “Cate has been the face of the fragrance for so long, and I felt just very honored to have a little cameo in that. Certainly, good footsteps to follow!”

She says a partnership with Armani Beauty felt organic, as it’s a brand she’s known well for years.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation; every single makeup artist uses it. So I’ve been aware of the brand, and makeup artists have used Armani’s products on me for a really long time,” she says.

A fan of fragrance, her go-tos include anything that has notes of vanilla or sweet lavender. She likes to keep these smells around her as they remind her of home. For her, scents that are calming and strike a soothing, emotional chord bring her back to happy memories.

“I think that’s one of the most amazing things about scents. They can bring you back to a certain time. It’s always been important for me to incorporate fragrance into my life,

just as a way to look back later in life.”

As for the best beauty advice she’s ever gotten, she lists the usual suspects, such as “wear sunscreen daily” and “be mindful of your water intake.” Makeup-wise, she’s learned the beauty — pun very much intended — of a multi-tasking product.

“A tip I recently learned is how you can interchange blush and lipstick; that was not something I was doing before, and I didn’t really know it was possible,” she says. “That was shocking to me, and now I’ve been doing that a lot more.”

Like a true creative, she says it’s all about her work. “I get that kind of ‘sì’ and passion in my career when I’m really excited about a script or project or something,” she says. “It just feels right.”

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