According to Salman Khan, anyone with a good body will look good in any clothes.

One of Bollywood’s most beloved stars is Salman Khan. He has a large international following of fans. Additionally, it is important to note that the superstar is one of the few actors who rarely appears outside of his own clothing line, Being Human.

The superstar is frequently seen sporting T-shirts made by his own brand, Being Human, when he is not appearing in a film or on his reality show Bigg Boss. Also, Dabangg Khan once said that he doesn’t wear expensive clothes. To learn more, scroll down.

During a discussion with Music India, that’s what Salman Khan said assuming an individual has a decent body, he will greatly search for any sort of garment. In addition, he likewise said that he doesn’t believe his fans should purchase costly garments and duplicate his style.

“I think they see a common man in me,” the superstar declared. I don’t like living like a celebrity. Being Human t-shirts and jeans are in high demand, and a pair of boots are in high demand as well. You can afford to dress well, Kyunki. The dressing doesn’t mean purchasing costly garments. Pay rates are so less, families are so enormous.

Children and fans alike want it, jo cheez hum pahante hain. It doesn’t matter if the suit is from Armani or Versace or Dolce and Gabbana. Since you go to the gym, I’d rather wear the worst-fitting clothes I can find. Aap tight jeans, dheeli jeans, and fati jeans, so that kapde ke neeche aapki body ajhi hai to aapke upar kujh bhi ajha lagega. Aap tight jeans, dheeli jeans, and fati jeans. That is something that I continue to do. In movies, for the sake of the scenes, we have to wear different clothes.

In addition, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan will feature him. Fashion World


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