How does solar power work?

Solar energy functions by transforming natural energy into power. Electricity and heat are the two types of energy the sun produces for human use. Both are produced using solar energy system, ranging in size from rooftop panels to “solar farms” covering acres of rural terrain.

Is solar power a clean energy source?

Solar power is a renewable and infinite energy source that creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions – as long as the sun continues to shine, energy will be released.

The carbon footprint of solar panels is already quite small, as they last for 25 years plus with no loss in efficiency. And the materials used in the panels are increasingly recycled, so the carbon footprint will continue to shrink.

How exactly is electricity from solar energy produced?

Solar panels are typically composed of silicon and mounted in a glass-encased metal panel frame. On the top of a solar panel, a thin layer of silicon is hit by photons, or light particles, which dislodge electrons from silicon atoms.

The wiring in solar panels captures the electric current produced by this PV charge, specifically, direct current or DC. This DC electricity is changed into an AC current (AC) using an inverter. When you put appliances into regular wall sockets, AC is the type of electrical current used.

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