Best Fixes for “YouTube Saying Something Went Wrong”

Best Fixes for “YouTube Saying Something Went Wrong”

YouTube is one of the largest streaming content-providing platforms in the world. Creators on YouTube post thousands of videos daily and you can have informative, entertaining, songs, DIYs, and videos on any niche you can name.

The platform becomes frustrated when while opening a video, the app shows an error “Something went wrong, tap to retry”. After tapping on retry it remains the same. There could be many reasons behind it. Let’s discuss the reasons and their solutions.

What Are the Reasons Behind the YouTube Error “Something Went Wrong”

There could be many reasons the YouTube saying something went wrong. Let’s discuss them first:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Glitches in the app server-side issues
  • You may be using an outdated application

These are some common reasons that could cause this error. Let’s discuss how to rectify it.

Possible Fix for the Error Message on YouTube “Something Went Wrong, Tap to Retry”

As in the above section we have discussed the possible reasons behind the YouTube error, let’s now move forward with solving something went wrong YouTube error message:

  • Airplane mode: the most common solution for every network issue is by turning on the airplane mode, then after a few seconds turning it back off. It will help in stabilizing the network.
  • Allow mobile data to YouTube: Open YouTube from the Applications sections on the Settings app. Toggle on for mobile data if it is off.
  • Update the app: The next step would be checking for an update of the app. If available then immediately update it to remove the error.
  • Update the device’s software: if there is an update of your device’s software available, update that as well.
  • Check for the server: visit the website DownDetector to check for the server status of YouTube. If it is showing down then in that case you can do nothing on your part.
  • Restart your device: another trick you can try is to restart your device. Sometimes This action can also remove such errors. 
  • Try using a VPN: sometimes the video doesn’t match the requirements, but you can use a VPN temporarily to watch it.
  • Try using YouTube in incognito mode.
  • You can also try to sign out of YouTube and sign in again.

Any of the above tricks could work and remove the youtube error “Something went wrong”.


When you find the error something went wrong in YouTube then there can be some reasons behind this such as a poor internet network, some glitches in the YouTube server, or maybe you are using the outdated version of YouTube. You can solve this error by the methods given above. In case of a youtube server down which is very rare, you have to wait till it becomes stable again. Hope this helps!

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