Your Go-To Guide to Steam Car Wash

Your Go-To Guide to Steam Car Wash

Who said a car wash cannot be eco-friendly? Steam car wash uses steam to wash both the exterior and interior of the car and is considered to be environmentally sustainable as it ensures minimal consumption of water, prevents wastewater runoff, and does not involve any emissions. Steam jet, commonly used as a surface cleaning tool, promises excellent sterilization and cleaning if used correctly. 

How It Works: Steam Car Wash

Smoke is produced by the blend of an optimal level of heat and pressure that can dissolve the dirt, grime, and other pollutants on the car’s surface. This steam is generally sprayed through a nozzle that directly points at the dirty area. Several high-end car wash facilities of today’s times use HEPA channels; these are extremely effective in filtering dust particles and even the smallest strand of bugs, pet hairs, and other contaminants from the car’s surface. Thus, unlike conventional methods or house car wash services, which are often not good enough for spotless cleaning and sterilization of your car upholstery, dashboard, console etc., steam car wash does it like a pro! 

Besides, steam car wash is also a ‘scratch-proof’ process, which gives it an edge over other car wash methods. Contrary to popular misconception, steam car wash service does not damage the paintwork in any way. However, you should only do it professionally because only a licensed car wash facility can create the high temperature and pressure required to generate the steam. Steam cleaning a car can take roughly 10-15 minutes, though it depends on the size of the car and whether you’re getting the interiors cleaned as well.

Benefits of Steam Car Wash

Scratch-proof Steam Car Wash: 

DIY car washes or even tunnel car washes frequently cause scratch marks or other blemishes on the car’s surface because they use brushes or cloths. However, since steam car wash does not involve any surface contact, there is almost zero possibility of scratches. Once you complete the wash procedure, you can gently wipe the surfaces with a mop or cloth.


This washing process does not require any toxic chemicals; besides, it does not emit any greenhouse gases and also involves minimal usage of water, which is highly beneficial for the environment. 


The innovative technology of using steam to clean cars has proven to be a fuss-free process, as it does not involve any complicated infrastructure or even heavy operating equipment. This offers a highly hassle-free experience and you can easily operate it compared to regular car wash techniques. Furthermore, steam car wash home service is also economical and time-saving because you can generally perform it in your garage, thanks to the numerous mobile car wash facilities these days, which are just a call away.


The steam gushing out of the nozzle has easy access to the deepest crevices of the car, which are otherwise hard to reach out to. The pressure of the steam is so high that it easily reaches every corner, giving you a gleaming and shining car like never before. 

Sterilizing effect: 

Every car owner wants to keep their vehicle free from microorganisms. However, the exposed surfaces, such as the dashboard, the carpets, and upholstery, are breeding grounds for bacterial and other growth. Steam car wash not only brings a shine to the external surface of the car but also acts as a disinfectant that gets rid of microorganisms effectively. 


If you thought steam washing only works for cars, well, that’s a myth! You can use steam wash for motorcycles, larger vehicles, coupes, and so on. So, irrespective of the size of your car, you can expect steam washing to be fairly effective. 


The initial cost of a steam car wash is undoubtedly higher than a regular car wash, but in the larger picture, it is cost-effective if you consider the money you’re saving on water bills, chemicals, and other expenses typically associated with conventional car wash methods. Besides, in the case of steam car wash, your vehicle won’t need as frequent washes, so you end up saving money in the long run. 

If you haven’t tried steam car wash yet, treat your car to it now. Reputed car wash facilities have experienced professionals who offer the best steam car wash services, using top-notch equipment and techniques. Furthermore, you can perform steam car washes on-site, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving your car to the facility, waiting for an hour or so for the wash process, and so on. It can also clean the engine bay and wheels, which can be quite a challenge for traditional car wash

Since steam car wash is a relatively new technology, several myths and misconceptions surround it, causing many car owners to remain apprehensive about giving it a try. If you’re under the impression that steam car wash is not very effective or may end up damaging your prized possession, well, you can’t be more wrong. Make the switch to experience the benefits for yourself!

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