solar panels

A sticker that is recyclable and can be used to cover solar panels on facades or rooftops has been developed by an Italian startup.

It creates high-definition images that can transform PV facades into advertising billboards or contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of solar panel arrays. Italian startup Sunspeker has fostered an adaptable, completely recyclable sticker to wrap photovoltaic boards. Sunseeker’s sticker could be used as advertising space on every solar panels.

The stickers, according to the company, are light-permeable and capable of reproducing high-definition images.

The modules are said to keep between 80% and 90% of their efficiency because of this, according to reports. Chiara stated, “The gains from advertising campaigns can make up for the loss in power yield.” Promotions of this sort may likewise be sold at a more exorbitant cost given the maintainability of the boards.”

The pictures handled utilizing Sunspeker’s protected interaction supposedly keep a high pace of straightforwardness.

As of now, we are attempting to make standard circumstances to permit us to scale for certain unique stylish answers to cover most of the cases.” The aesthetic covers’ adhesive film is made of a thermoplastic designed for outdoor use. According to the company, sustainability was a primary focus during the R&D process. In accordance with circular economic principles, it sought a solution that was completely recyclable.

The “level-six technology readiness level” (TRL 6) of the solar screen technology is still in development.

The TRL uses a scale from one to nine, with nine representing the most mature technologies for full commercial application, to measure the maturity of technology components in a system. The organization made the eventual outcome and is presently prepared to popularize it in Canavese, close to Turin, northern Italy. Through new funding rounds, it hopes to raise an additional €450,000. It stated that the initial pilot projects are currently being implemented. World news Spot


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