Stock Rigid Boxes: Inventory Management and Cost Optimization

Stock Rigid Boxes: Inventory Management and Cost Optimization

Rigid boxes or set-up boxes tend to be a special type of packaging box. These get made using thick and strong materials allowing them to be very strong and sturdy. The packaging is able to keep its shape and stay sturdy. This is also if someone puts pressure on it. The boxes are connected with luxury brands because they look really fancy and are of a high-quality. Stock rigid boxes are made keeping the features and needs of premium brands in mind as these are the ones that often choose this type of packaging.

The following discusses inventory management as well as cost optimization when it comes to this type of packaging:

Making of the boxes

The manufacturing procedure of these boxes is such that it keeps quality in mind. The boxes are made in a way that they are thicker than normal boxes. When making the boxes, they are made so that they have two parts. There will be a thick chipboard that can be 36- to 120-point in thickness. This is around 4 to 5 times thicker than a folding carton box. Apart from this there will be a thinner paper wrap which is more flexible and it gets pasted on top of the chipboard so as to cover it.

In this way the boxes are sturdy and provide high product safety. The items that get put in them can remain secure during their transportation and even shipping phases.

You can choose cardboard luxury rigid boxes due to the strength that cardboard has. High-quality items can therefore remain safe in these boxes.

The packaging materials are cost-effective because they can help you get strong packaging which will secure your items making returns be less likely to occur. When you order the boxes in bulk, they may be cheaper as transportation costs can be less when you order many at one time and the packaging supplier may also have discounts for those who order wholesale packaging.

Production phase

The production of these boxes occurs by machine, hand, or even a combination of these two. The wrap will get printed beforehand. It can experience lamination or some other treatments according to your needs.

The chipboards get scored and cut so that they become the right size and shape. Machines or staff, or both, then fold the tray or even base of the boxes and put adhesives upon the corners allowing the sides to stay up.

The packaging companies that have fully automated systems, the pre-trimmed wraps can get trimmed as well as lined up within a conveyor belt. There is an arm which puts the tray on some glued surface of every wrap. The tray having the wrap beneath it will pass through a plunger. This glues the wrap evenly upon the tray’s outer surface area.

The wrap on the box is the part that gets customized. Premium printing techniques plus textures can be considered here so that you can create a box which will appeal to your target audience. These printed luxury rigid boxes can therefore be customized and stand out. A brand can choose which colors to add on the box that can help increase brand awareness and let people know what type of product they are selling.

A brand logo is often included which is used for branding and letting people know a brand exists in the market and informs people about the different products it has manufactured.

Delivery stage

When delivering the boxes, it is important that the packaging material be protected during shipment. It is important that the packaging supplier deliver the boxes carefully so that they have no dents, scratches, etc. on them.

The supplier can pursue testing of the packaging before delivering it. For instance before the chipboard gets wrapped, this needs to be tested so that it has the accurate dimensions. It needs to have the right length, height, as well as width so that the wrap can cover it fully or even partially.

A drop test of custom luxury rigid boxes will occur. Here the company will find out how the packaging can handle accidental falls. The product will be put in the box then a machine will drop the box upon some hard surface. This is done from varying heights. The manufacturer will then be able to see if any damage occurs to the product. When looking at the inventory part of these boxes, it can be seen that care is taken to provide clients with excellent packaging that will provide their products with the utmost protection. If the client can get excellent luxury rigid packaging, the boxes will be cost-effective because a client will be getting packaging that can protect their product and even promote it effectively to people. These types of boxes are able to play a role in giving a brand a positive image.

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