Rarely do whales sing louder than war.

Big stories win the battle for limited reader attention: The death of Queen Elizabeth II, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and occasional protests in China. But even though this news is important, it can get in the way of good Stories You May like how whales sing to each other across oceans, how M.M.A. fights are lyrical poetry, or how embalming is getting harder to do.

So, just like in previous years, the Morning team asked editors in the Times newsroom for the podcasts, videos, and articles that didn’t get enough attention this year. Their choices are as follows:

Formula 1 has been affected by car redesigns.

In an effort to replicate their restaurant’s success on (almost) every continent, the owners of the celebrity-packed Carbone in New York are making an effort.

He only gave himself 30 minutes to meet a woman he didn’t know was an Ethiopian princess. They tied the knot this year.

The latest news from the athletic Should Tua play again this year? Politics SPORTS NEWS Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins‘ quarterback, is back in concussion protocol. Does it make sense to get him back on the field after his head injury early in the season and Miami’s diminished chances of making the playoffs?

Nets on course: Without incident, Brooklyn moved up to third place in the Eastern Conference with its ninth consecutive victory last night.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the price of food prepared at home has increased by 12% in the past year. As dinner became more expensive, Times readers turned to less complicated dishes. This is evident in NYT Cooking’s list of the 20 most popular 2022 recipes. With the exception of a few dishes made for special projects (think Thanksgiving, anyone? ), Margaux Laskey, a Cooking editor, wrote, “They are all simple, inexpensive, and exciting recipes to live your messy, beautiful life by.”


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