Supermodel Kristen McMenamy You can see the second she threw the culpable heels in a TikTok video, which has been seen multiple times. As one client remarked, “You understand what though she worked really hard [because] all of us are discussing the Valentino show.” All press is great press and not.

In a nervy gesture to the viral second, Supermodel Kristen McMenamy later shared a shocking behind-the-stage photograph on Instagram, which she subtitled, “Before the Fall.” The picture procured north of 15,000 preferences and praise from planner Marc Jacobs, who answered, “Good heavens. Stunning.”

Another fan answered, “It was reviving to see somebody be like ‘no, to hell with this!’ on a catwalk .”

The remarks area basically concurred that McMenamy showed a “sovereign way of behaving” on the runway. As one client expressed, “Sovereigns fall, then move back up and discard the shoes.” World News


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