Nielsen's second-highest-ever

“Wednesday” has joined the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 after breaking a number of records in the Netflix Top 10.

In addition, it is possible that “Wednesday” will surpass itself on the chart the following week by measuring its first full week of availability. The series’ self-reported viewership increased from 341.2 million hours in its first five days on Netflix to 411.3 million hours the following week. There is a clear discrepancy as a result of the different measurement methods used by Netflix and Nielsen (Netflix measures hours watched across all devices worldwide, whereas Nielsen measures minutes watched on TV screens in the United States alone), but the trend is likely to remain the same. Nielsen’s second-highest-ever

The Netflix shows “Tiger King,” “Ozark,” and “Dahmer” are also on the list of biggest streaming weeks, along with “Wednesday” and multiple seasons of “Stranger Things.”

In the No. “Dead to Me” topped the streaming rankings for the 21st through 27th of November for the first full week of its third and final season. This viewing window saw 1.5 billion minutes spent watching the show, up from 1.4 billion the week before.

Similar to “Dead to Me,” “1899” saw a rise from 925 million in its first four days of availability to a full week. Since its return with the debut of Season 5, “The Crown” spent its third week on the chart. The royal drama’s final season dropped from its No. 1 spot on the chart last week, where it had 1.8 billion minutes. One slot.

The No. 1 slot went to Netflix’s “Slumberland.” 5 situations with just shy of 1.1 billion minutes watched in its most memorable entire seven-day stretch of accessibility, a noteworthy accomplishment given its more limited runtime contrasted with the television series on the rundown. Starting with No. Six was “Manifest”‘s fourth week since Season 4 Part 1 premiered. Between November 21 and November 27, 988 million minutes of the show were watched.

This week, “NCIS” took the No. 1 spot, completing the bottom of the chart on a regular basis. 7th place with 811 million watched minutes. In a similar vein, “Cocomelon” ranked No. 10 with 702,000,000

“Yellowstone,” a drama series on the Paramount Network that has older episodes available to stream on Peacock, came in at number eight. Nielsen’s second-highest-ever At No. Another movie was 9: The Christmas-themed “The Noel Diary” on Netflix. World News Spot Entertainment


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