Dania Shah arrest

Sunday, Bushra Iqbal, the former wife of the late televangelist and member of the National Assembly Aamir Liaquat Hussain, insisted that girls like Dania Shah arrest, Liaquat’s widow

“Aamir was not responsible. After Dania was taken into custody on December 15 by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA),

In an interview that went viral on social media, the politician’s ex-wife said that Dania’s arrest made everyone happy and relieved. A day earlier, in a case involving the uploading of sexually explicit videos of her husband to social media, a local Karachi court denied the FIA’s request for Dania’s physical remand and sent her to jail for 14 days.

The ex-wife commented on the rumored divorce between the popular TV host and his widow, saying

And even if we assume that she is his wife, as Dania Shah arrest his mother regarding the crore-dollar property, this indicates that their family has not given up on the money.

She scolded Dania and her family, saying, “A person has gone to the grave and you’re still concerned about the money.”

Bushra went on to say that despite the fact that she was the late politician’s wife, she had no obligation to defend Liaquat. I used to be Aamir’s wife. I have no legal or Shariah-based relationship with his property, and neither do I want it. Just my Ruler realizes the reason why I’m doing this. I don’t have to answer everyone.

A talented and patriotic individual’s naked videos went viral. He didn’t have a girlfriend, Dania. He treated her with respect and made her his wife. Bushra continued, “He took her to morning shows, which led to her popularity.”

She went on to say that Dania has uploaded videos to YouTube and that if he doesn’t divorce her, she will make more videos that go viral and ruin his reputation. World News Spot


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