Shah Rukh Khan is the world’s fourth richest actor, according to World of Statistics.We are here to assist you in determining the superstar’s most expensive purchase.

The actor Shah Rukh Khan stated that his Mumbai residence Mannat is “the most expensive thing” he purchased in an interview with Radio Mirchi in 2019.

During the interview, SRK stated: I’m from Delhi, where the idea of living in a kothi (bungalow) is common. In Mumbai, apartments are the norm, but even if you’re not wealthy, you can still own a small bungalow in Delhi. “You live in such a small house,” my mother-in-law would constantly say. When I finally saw Mannat, it felt like Delhi wala kothi, so I bought it, making it my most expensive purchase.

Every year, on his birthday and during Eid, Shah Rukh Khan hosts a meet-and-greet with his fans at Mannat, his home. a look back at his 57th birthday.

Gauri Khan, SRK’s wife and interior decorator, created a new nameplate for Mannat’s entrance door last year. Your loved ones will enter your home through the front door. We chose a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting, and calm vibe, so the nameplate attracts positive energy,” she wrote.

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