trade between Thailand and Pakistan

The Ambassador of Thailand to Pakistan, Checkered Krachaiwong, stated that the bilateral trade volume between Pakistan and Thailand has reached $1.8 billion.

In his speech at the celebration of the Kingdom of Thailand’s 95th National Day, he said that our bilateral trade volume would reach a record high because it was already 6% higher in September than last year and the two countries were focusing on exploring more trade and investment avenues in multiple sectors.

According to him, “We have received the good news that Pakistani businessman who joined Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce’s trip to Thailand has invested in buying two hotels in Phuket,” which indicates that bilateral investments will increase.

The Ambassador emphasized that Thailand and Pakistan will collaborate with one another as friends to achieve our shared objectives for the benefit of our people and the people of the world. Talking about individuals to-individuals trades, he said that Thai Aviation routes have chosen to continue its non-stop trips to each of the three significant urban areas including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

The Ambassador spoke about how important ASEAN is and said that Thailand and other member states in Islamabad have worked together to improve Pakistan’s multifaceted cooperation.

He emphasized the significance of the national holiday by stating that December 5 is a significant day for Thais to commemorate the National Day of the Kingdom of Thailand, King Bhumibol’s Birthday, and Thailand’s Father’s Day.

The United Nations also proclaims December 5 as “World Soil Day” to honor the late King’s significant contributions to soil science and the improvement of people’s standard of living. World news spot


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