During the busy holiday season this year, industrial action is expected to have a significant impact on travel.

Christmas travel strikes Europe-wide rail and aviation unions are threatening strikes in December and January. As people attempt to return home for the holidays, it is likely to cause disruption.

So, where in Europe will there be strikes this Christmas travel strikes?

On these days, expect cancellations and delays. The RMT union claims that trains will be adversely affected by the strike. The company that employs the security personnel, Eurostar and Mitie, promises to inform passengers of any service disruptions.

What strikes are taking place this Christmas in France?

According to Limon, French train conductors and ticket collectors are “not considered in the same way train drivers are, even though we work three weekends a month and sleep away from home 10 nights.” As a result, they are threatening to go on strike.

Following the failure of pay negotiations with SNCF, the Sud-Rail union has also filed for nationwide strikes from December 15 to 19.

The union said that the rail operator’s monthly bonus “borders on contempt.” The only union in France to call for action is Sud-Rail, which urged signal operators to “send in mass” their strike declaration. Pay negotiations will determine whether these walkouts continue. 

What strikes are taking place this Christmas travel strikes in Italy?

Workers in Italy are participating in strikes from December 12 to 16. The majority will only take part in one of the five days of protest against the Meloni government’s proposed budget.

On various days, it will have an impact on various sectors and regions of the nation.

What strikes are taking place this Christmas travel strikes in Portugal?

More TAP Portugal cabin crew strikes are planned for Christmas after 360 flights were canceled on December 8 and 9. 

The National Union of Civil Aviation Personnel has agreed to schedule at least five days of action before January 31. Specific dates have not yet been announced. 

What strikes are taking place this Christmas travel strikes in Spain?

Five months have passed since the USO and SITCPLA union members of the Spanish-based Ryanair cabin crew went on strike.

The action began on August 8 and will continue every week from Monday to Thursday until January 7. It is likely to have an impact on trips from Malaga, Alicante, Barcelona, and Madrid airports.

However, Ryanair has stated that it does not anticipate significant disruptions for passengers as a result of the strike.

Vueling lodge group who are individuals from the Stavla association are additionally participating in drawn-out walkouts. From November 1 through December 31, there will be strikes on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and all holidays. 

The airline claims that passengers will experience little disruption as a result of the strike. 

Additionally, the most influential labor union in Spain, CCOO, has called for 10,000 Aena airport workers to go on strike over Christmas in protest of pay.

During the holiday season, pilots at Spanish regional airline Air Nostrum have announced strikes. They want improved working conditions and raises in pay. 

The scheduled dates for the 24-hour strike by pilots are December 23, 26, 27, 29, and 30 as well as January 2 and 3. 

However, if workers’ strike action seriously restricts public access and freedom of movement, Spanish law requires them to provide only a minimum of services. 

What strikes are taking place this Christmas travel strikes in the UK?

In the UK, rail workers are striking throughout December and into January. The 40,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) have announced that they will strike for eight days during the holiday season.

The dates of the RMT strikes will be 16-17 December as well as 3-4 and 6-7 January.

In addition, RMT has announced that workers will strike from December 24 at 6 p.m. until December 27 as the pay dispute escalates. 

Over the course of the holiday season, hundreds of baggage handlers at Heathrow Airport will also be going on strike. They will be on strike for 72 hours between 4 a.m. on December 16 and 29.

In the days leading up to the busy holiday season, the Unite union anticipates that it will cause some disruptions for passengers. However, it’s probably not going to be far-reaching with either English Aviation routes – which works half of all Heathrow flights – or Virgin Atlantic impacted. 

The PCS Union, which represents Border Force employees, has also voted in favor of a strike during the holiday season. 

From December 23-26 and December 28-31, employees will participate in eight days of strike action.


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