These 10 characteristics make a great student leader

Leaders are visionaries who see the best in people and lead them toward a better future. Progress is synonymous with courageous leaders making the right decisions at the right time. So, as teachers who would want their students to thrive, it is your responsibility to boost their leadership skills. 

Infusing the right skills in children should start at the preschool level, as they are adaptable at this age. They will learn fast and grow up with the right skills as a part of their upbringing. So, the pre nursery school in Singapore plays a significant role in developing leadership skills. The educators there can plan group activities, allowing each child to lead the team. It will give them much-needed exposure to the environment that teaches them what it is like to lead people. 

However, to develop leadership skills in students, the educators at the schools in Punggol should be aware of the traits that make a great student leader. 

10 characteristics that make a great student leader

Goal Oriented

A leader should have a clear vision. For that, he needs to set clear goals. Especially when you have a team of people to lead, you cannot blow an uncertain trumpet! So, help your students set realistic goals.


A leader should keep him and the entire team motivated to achieve their goals. Hence, they should keep a positive attitude throughout the journey to avoid negativity and reduce enthusiasm. 


Taking charge and accountability for the actions of the team members is another trait of a good leader. So, teachers should teach their students to be responsible and take charge of every activity done by them or their team. 

Hard Working

When a leader works hard, his team gets motivated to put in equal effort. Hard work and passion towards a common subject or a goal are contagious, and to raise good leaders, teachers should see which students have this skill.


Leaders should always be ready to help others and stand up for their teams. For example, a leader wouldn’t stand idle when he witnesses a student getting bullied. So, if you wish to raise leaders, focus on developing this trait in them.

Good Listener

A leader never tries to impose his thoughts on the team. He is a person who hears people out and considers their opinions. A leader listens to everyone calmly and finds solutions rather than feign concern about others.

Great Communicator

A leader is a person who can effectively communicate his thoughts to his team and guide them about the course of action. Moreover, they engage in the most respectful manner and ensure that everyone hears them and willingly follows their instructions.


Another characteristic of a student leader is that he believes that every person has some or the other talent in him. Therefore, they focus on using these strengths and pushing people toward significant success. 


One has to be believable to persuade people, and one has to be truthful to earn that belief from people. Therefore, honesty is the characteristic of a leader that signifies that each activity he does is ethical and favourable to the team.

Decision Making

Lastly, a leader is always the best decision-maker! He considers significant factors and makes fair decisions, ensuring the team reaches its goals. 

Teachers should focus on developing these characteristics in their students, making them excellent leaders effortlessly.

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