Lapland is a real winter wonderland that gets snow six months out of the year. It very well may be most popular as the home of St Nick Claus, however, this subarctic locale brings significantly more to the table than holiday spirit. celebrate Christmas

Our alternate guide to Lapland, which does not focus on the white-bearded man, can be found here.

In other words, any time is a good time to visit Lapland. It really depends on what you want to accomplish during your trip. The best times to go skiing are in January and February, and the best time to see the northern lights is in March.

celebrate Christmas If you want warmer weather for hiking, you can do so between April and August when the snow melts. Additionally, the heavy blanket of snow returns beginning in November. Visit the Sámi people in the Norwegian town of Troms to learn more about the people who hail from Lapland and experience Sámi culture. The first people to settle the European Arctic were the Indigenous people. Taste some traditional Sámi food and learn about their life and culture, which they have treasured for thousands of years.

Kemi is a must-see for “Frozen” fans. If you want to channel your inner Elsa, you should go to the snow castle there. You can go to the Swedish border in a short amount of time and, of course, get a picture of yourself standing in two countries at the same time. There, visitors can go on winter hikes in Abisko National Park or explore the longest cave system in Sweden, Kappas.

Bjorkliden, renowned for its skiing and Northern Lights, offers outdoor adventurers plenty of opportunities throughout the year.

Go snorkeling with whales If you can get past the icy water, swimming with wild orcas in Lapland has to be one of the highlights of your trip.

There is a scope of directed visits you can browse around the Skjervøy region in Norway.

Sleeping under the northern lights Seeing the magnificent Aurora Borealis, also known as the northern lights, is a must on any trip to Lapland. Book a night in a posh viewing pod, such as the one at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland, or the posh glamping pods in Torassieppi, for a prime location.

They’re in a great spot to see this amazing display of nature from all angles. Definitely, the best way to sleep under the stars.

We appreciate you asking. Despite the fact that there are a few things you can do to increase your chances, it is a combination of clear skies and a little bit of luck.

Try to visit between August and April because this is the darkest time of year, making it easier to spot them.

The further you travel north, the better your chances will be.

What do they eat in Lapland?

One of the healthiest diets in the world is the Lappish one. It has fresh fish, berries from the area’s forests and bogs, lean game meat like reindeer (maybe don’t tell your kids about it), and some hearty fondue specialties.

When you visit Rovaniemi, you should try cloudberries, a highly prized wild berry that is high in vitamin C. Although it may sound odd, it does not flavor the coffee; rather, it provides a creamy texture.

In the event that you’re on the chase after something more grounded, attempt Nerva snaps, a Finnish soul made from pine tar with a smoky taste. After a day on the slopes, the Finns swear by it for warming the cockles.

If you’ve overdone it on the server snaps, head to Halipuu Forest to unwind and meet a man who goes by the name of the “Campfire Barista.” Halibut Forest is where you can find your zen. While you take in the beautiful setting, he will make you a cup of coffee over a campfire, yes, that’s right. celebrate Christmas

Under the serene white canopy, you’ll enjoy a coffee break unlike any other as you sip to the sound of a crackling fire. You could also try “Arctic cocooning,” a wellness activity in which you lie in a hammock and gently sway between the trees.

Here, tree-hugging is almost a given. After all, the “hugging forest” is its name. At least you can get some endorphins from some tree love at a time when we can’t hug each other. It even has its own world championship.


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