running 10 miles a day results

YouTuber and workout devotee Stan Browney has taken on a wide range of wellness challenges previously, typically rotating around producing huge quantities of reps on bodyweight practices like pushups and situps — yet in his latest video, he concedes that he can be at fault for skipping cardio, so for his new extended challenge, he chooses to run a mile consistently for 30 days. In addition, he must attempt to complete a mile in the quickest time possible with each run. Additionally, if he misses a day for any reason, he must run twice as far the following day. running 10 miles a day results

He says, “I hope I learn a lot about running, and I hope my form improves, but also my time,” and he asks his brother Jorg and his friend Arjen, who is “crazy fit,” to join him.

Stan runs his first mile in 5:27 on day one. Arjen manages it in just 4:58, while Jorg finishes in 7:12. However, in contrast to their belief that practice will naturally improve their performance, the three men actually have worse times by day 15 than when they started, possibly as a result of the cumulative exhaustion of running every day. Even though it’s only a short distance, they aren’t giving their bodies enough time to rest and recover.

On day 30, every one of the three has enhanced their unique times: Stan’s new time is exactly 5 minutes, Jorg can now run a 6:23 mile, and Arjen sets a new PR of 4:53.

Stan weighed 174.6 pounds, Jorg weighed 202.4 pounds, and Arjen weighed 162 pounds when the challenge began. Jorg has lost 4 pounds and is now 198.4, after a month of daily running, Stan has maintained his weight, and Arjen has actually gained a pound of muscle. “That’s interesting because I thought running would cause you to lose gains,” he declares. running 10 miles a day results | World News Spot


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