You can understand why Arsenal Gary Neville is pleading with them to eliminate Spurs before halftime at 39 minutes.

At home against Liverpool, Spurs were hammered similarly in the first half, but a rousing performance in the second half almost led to a draw. After meeting with Antonio Conte, they might be able to come back from 2-0 down; They won’t come back from a 3-0 deficit.

Updated at 12:09 EST. Arsenal has performed exceptionally well thus far. Saka received the ball from Partey in a free position just past the halfway line. He gained ground and slipped Odegaard a square pass 25 yards from the goal. He set himself up for a precise daisy-cutter that beat Lloris and landed in the bottom-right corner with a flawless first touch. That’s a lovely objective.

The Gunners gain a two-goal advantage thanks to Martin Odegaard’s superb goal. Photograph: Updated at 12.15 EST by Dylan Martinez/Reuters: Goal! Tottenham 0-2 Arsenal (Odegaard 36) The baffling first goal; The second one is fantastic!

Updated 35 minutes later at 12.08 EST: Romero has been booked for tripping Martinelli.

Although his momentum was such that he probably would have fouled Martinelli anyway, his slip is somewhat unfortunate.

34 minutes in, Sarr steals a loose ball from Partey, but he wins it back, and then he goes through Xhaka to try to turn the turnover turnover. Xhaka gives Partey a high five.

33 minutes “Hmmmmm,” Jeremy Boyce says. Did Bale rank highest of all? On the John-Charles-o-meter, exactly where would he fit? Earlier than Ivor Allchurch? Thomas Mickey? Hartson, John? Fair do-s, he was a great player who always gave his all to every team, country, and talent? Regarding his time in Spain, JC was a true pioneer and giant at Juventus. He didn’t hide his golf club memberships, and he talked about everything on the field.

Are these “greatest ever” debates becoming more and more tiresome, or is it just me

(and I’ve been guilty just as much as anyone else, so I’m not making fun of it)? Maybe it’s because Twitter has made us all* so sarcastic that it gets old quickly; What was once a celebration has transformed into a contest. I’m urging you to STOP THE GOAT CULTURE.

  • All right, most of us. Naturally, I did not mean you.

31 minutes in, Spurs cannot escape. They still have a long way to go, but right now they are being quietly humiliated. In midfield, they absolutely require a third player, but Conte’s system doesn’t really make room for that.

After 29 minutes, Saka wriggles away from Hojbjerg in order to make room for a shot, but she then falls while shooting. He is beyond Spurs’ control. Saka has been playing at an alarmingly high level these past few months; in my admittedly slightly suspect eyes, he is the player that the majority of people believe Phil Foden to be.

28 minutes in, Sessegnon slips Saka neatly to the left, but the covering defender, Nketiah, challenges him hard.

27 minutes in, Joe Pearson declares, “I’m back if you’ll have me.” The feed appears to have frozen worldwide! Aagh!”

Really? How strange. In Bruton, I’m getting it perfectly.

26 minutes Arsenal has been fantastic thus far—so cool, confident, and comfortable. They begin to resemble the real thing more and more with each game.

Jeff Sachs asserts, “Arsenal don’t have to worry about Man City.” The season for City is over; Yesterday’s interview with Pep said it all. His tiki-taka no longer deceives anyone, and it does not lead to goals.

Just in case, I’ll archive this email.

24 min: The post is almost destroyed by Partey! Was Lloris near this? I think you were aware of it.

He did not, in fact. The ball fell out of the sky toward Partey on the edge of the D after another desperate Spurs clearance. Partey twisted his body to volley a spectacular shot that beat Lloris, who was flying, and hit the top of the right post. That would have been a tremendous objective.

Doherty brilliantly heads away Saka’s deep corner under a lot of pressure from Saliba, I believe.

22 min: Great stop by Lloris! 25 yards out, Saka returns the ball to Odegaard in a wide range of space. He pushes the ball into the middle of the field and hits a dipping shot that Lloris, diving low to his left, paws around the post with. Because I believe he saw it late, that is a very good save.

Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur saved a shot from Martin Odegaard of Arsenal, a Norwegian midfielder. Photograph: According to Charles Antaki, “I know that Lloris has pulled off some amazing saves with all kinds of bodily contortions,” but “managing to push the ball behind you into your own goal, while facing forwards, might well be a first.” Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters Updated at 12.01 EST 22 min. He will be celebrated on every social media platform by Arsenal fans.”

I would have loved to have seen Roy Keane’s coupon at the time, who is both a Spurs fan and a Spurs hater.

Updated at 11.51 EST 20 minutes later, Dier desperately clears Nketiah’s low cross in the six-yard box after good play from Saka. When Arsenal attacks on Spurs’ left, they look so dangerous.

18 min: Great stop by Ramsdale! Sessegnon chases his own errant first touch across the penalty area line after Dier pings a long pass to him. After that, he changes direction and plays a very cute reverse pass behind the Arsenal defense. Son comes from deep and hooks a first-time shot back across goal after Kulusevski leaves it knowing he is offside. Ramsdale spreads himself out quickly to make a great stop.

Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur is denied by Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale.

18 min The terrible news for Spikes is that they’re behind. The fact that Spurs are behind means that they can begin playing immediately. They will also be wild if they lose by two goals.

17 minutes Matt Dony writes, “Thanks, Chris Paraskevas, for invoking Gareth Bale’s name.” The impact he will have on Welsh football as a whole has been all I’ve been thinking about the past week. I truly have no idea what will transpire. He did things that seemed impossible when he was young and wore a Spurs jersey. He did more, scored more, and created more goals while wearing the Madrid shirt, than many revisionists will admit.

Although he had evidently declined, his presence and influence in Wales were enormous. Even though he was the most expensive player in the world, he made Wales’ game at Pontcanna Fields look and feel like a party. a group of friends facing the world head-on. The cohesiveness of that team was a tremendous strength. Amazing seemed to be the atmosphere. And Bale was a big part of that, not only in terms of his skills but also his personality. The greatest Welshman I’ve ever witnessed playing the game, probably ever. It’s over, too. No, you’re in tears!

Even if only for a day, I’d love to feel that kind of patriotism. Additionally, if you haven’t already, the tribute written by Elis James is a treasure.

Partey found Saka in space after making a lovely pass down the right. Before sprinting out of Sessegnon and toward the byline, he moved into the area and teased him. Lloris fumbled Saka’s right-footed cross into his own net after it took a slight deflection off Sessegnon. Despite the fact that it deflected and came at him quickly, I fear that was still a bad mistake.

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka has a shot that misses Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris… Photograph: And into the back of the net, giving Arsenal the lead. Photograph: Reuters/Dylan Martinez Updated at 11.53 EST Goal! Spurs 0-1 Arsenal (Lloris og 15) Arsenal scores a bizarre goal to take the lead!

After Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur scores an own goal to give his team the lead, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta celebrates. Photograph: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters Updated at 11.50 EST 12 minutes Partey’s avoidance of a yellow card for a deliberate handball that halted a Spurs break is extremely fortunate. Craig Pawson’s decision to award a free kick is bizarre refereeing.

11 minutes in, Partey heads a good free kick over from 10 yards out after Odegaard flips it. A slim chance

10 minutes in, Arsenal is beginning to hold Spurs back. Odegaard is over the ball after Nketiah is fouled 30 yards from the goal, to the left of the center. After 9 minutes, Martinelli charges into the area at a dizzying pace and scores after a Romero challenge (I think). There isn’t really a penalty appeal.

7 min: Arsenal has a chance! When trying to play the ball out of their own penalty area, Spurs get into a huge mess. Lenglet kicks the ball straight at Odegaard after Lloris dithers. Martinelli hooks it over his shoulder and across the field after it bounces back to him. Nketiah gets a clear shot at goal from about eight yards after Romero slips. Lloris spreads himself to make a great stop after he hits the dropping ball with his left foot, though not very cleanly. It was a fantastic chance.

Hugo Lloris, the Spurs goalkeeper, prevents Arsenal Eddie Nketiah from scoring.

I think Arsenal might win today, which would of course give a painful amount of hope,” declares Andrew Hurley. Updated at 11.50 EST: With only seven players trusted for the six midfielder and forward positions, I believe it is almost impossible to win the league, and Saka, Martinelli, and others running out of legs in March is a distinct possibility. They need two more players, one in particular to cover Partey, whose value is so undervalued by the media, but Smith-Rowe could make a big difference.

He has captivated me for years. I would agree with you about Arsenal running out of steam if we were competing in the Champions League. Even though it could still occur, the Europa League lowers the risk. If it gets tight, I’d be more worried about Arteta blowing up. It goes without saying that keeping City at bay is the only way to win it. In an odd way, I believe you have a better chance of winning it by ten points than by one or two.

4 minutes in, Martinelli wriggles between Kulusevski and Doherty and fires a shot that is saved after Arsenal patient buildup.

3 minutes Jones Manoah writes, “Good evening Rob.” a Nairobi-based Gooner who is expecting. After seeing that Chelsea “bullied” my beloved Arsenal today, let’s hope they win here to show Mudryk what he’s missing out on.

2 minutes in, Son finds Sessegnon in space on the left as Spurs play confidently through the Arsenal press. His cross is impassable.

2 min. Spurs and Arsenal are playing 5-2-3, with no unexpected tactical changes.

Chris Paraskevas writes, “Was in London back in 2013.” Updated at 11.31 EST 1 min. I ran into a group of Greek Spurs supporters traveling to the derby that weekend. I joined their organization. After making our case, two of us, who did not have tickets, were permitted entry into a nearby bar. The Spurs have ferocious fans, and the area around White Hart Lane looked surprising rough. However, I had a fantastic time because Bale scored the winning goal and the riot police eventually moved everyone on. Wonderful memories! from a Sydney-based Newcastle fan who is motivated.)

Within one minute, Eddie Nketiah kicks off the north London derby.

“Hello, from Pittsburgh!” Eric Peterson asserts, This is the first time this season that I have sat down in front of the television and waited through the pregame commotion for the start. Arsenal is adept at eliminating opponents within the first half hour. The Spurs are adept at not showing up until either they (a) lose the game, (b) start the second half, or (c) do both. A fixture that should not be missed in fashion.

Yes, that is a fantastic point. Before the whole thing fell apart, Arsenal actually got off to a very positive start in May as well.

The players appear. Although not quite as lively as it was for the evening game last season, the atmosphere sounds good.

It’s time for a hug. Photograph: Clive Rose/Getty Images Updated at 11.37 EST A reminder of the teams Lloris represents: Tottenham Hotspur (5-2-3) Romero, Dier, Doherty, and Sessegnon; Hojbjerg; Sarr Kane, Kulusevski, and Son
Substitutes: Skipp, Bissouma, Gil, Richarlison, Forster, Royal, Sanchez, Davies, Perisic, and Richarlison

Ramsdale, Arsenal (4-1-2-3); Gabriel, White, and Zinchenko; Partey; Xhaka and Odegaard; Martinelli, Nketiah, and Saka
Substitutes: Marquinhos, Turner, Tierney, Tomiyasu, Holding, Lokonga, Smith, Rowe, Vieira, and Smith

On Pape Sarr’s inclusion, Antonio Conte stated, “HE IS A YOUNG PLAYER, A GOOD PROSPECT, AND HE DESERVES THIS CHANCE.”

According to Mikel Arteta, “DISCIPLINE” is a crucial component of every criminal. It will be beneficial because both teams have lost one man in the last two derbies. We have done a good job of preparation and want this a lot.

I THINK WE ARE READY TO PLAY AND NOW WE NEED TO SHOW IT, according to Dejan Kulusevski’s pre-match chat. We must enjoy it—attack, collaborate on everything, and have fun.

Part two of Remember When serves as a reminder of the October return match, in which Arsenal deservedly defeated Spurs 3-1.

These are the final scores from the Remember When (part 1) games, which just finished at 2 p.m. EST.

Despite having a game in hand over Newcastle, Spurs are now five points behind Newcastle and Manchester United in the Champions League race. With a game in hand today, Arsenal still leads Manchester City by five points.

Updated at 10.59 EST, Chelsea leads Crystal Palace 1-0 at Stamford Bridge after introducing Arsenal target Mykhailo Mudryk at halftime.

At St. James’ Park, the second half has featured games and fun. That is being watched by John Brewin.

No, you’re the favorite team. Dejan Kulusevski is back for Spurs from an injury, but Rodrigo Bentancur is still out. As a result, Pape Sarr will make his full Premier League debut in midfield, having been chosen over Oliver Skipp and Yves Bissouma, who strangely failed to impress. There are a total of three changes compared to the 4-0 victory over Crystal Palace 11 days ago: Bryan Gil, Skipp, and Ivan Perisic are being replaced by Kulusevski, Sarr, and Ryan Sessegnon. Richarlison is also back in the lineup of replacements.

Arsenal has not changed since their disappointing 0-0 home draw with Newcastle in their previous league game.

Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur (5-2-3); Romero, Dier, Doherty, and Sessegnon; Hojbjerg; Sarr Kane, Kulusevski, and Son
Substitutes: Skipp, Bissouma, Gil, Richarlison, Forster, Royal, Sanchez, Davies, Perisic, and Richarlison

Ramsdale, Arsenal (4-1-2-3); Gabriel, White, and Zinchenko; Partey; Xhaka and Odegaard; Martinelli, Nketiah, and Saka
Substitutes: Marquinhos, Turner, Tierney, Tomiyasu, Holding, Lokonga, Smith, Rowe, Vieira, and Smith

Atmosphere: A derby with a cheery atmosphere is my favorite.

Adam Davy/PA Updated at 11.15 EST Preamble Age is determined by your choices. Spurs are one of the Premier League’s oldest teams; Arsenal is the newest team. In their previous meeting in May, Spurs were too mature, too streetwise, and too much for an emotionally ragged Arsenal. However, this season, Arsenal has been more energetic, hungry, and fresh, as evidenced by their October 3-1 victory over Spurs at the Emirates.

Today’s north London derby is more intriguing than most due, in part, to the disparity in age profile and playing style. Another is that Harry Kane is only one goal away from surpassing Jimmy Greaves as Spurs’ all-time leading goal scorer. However, the context is the main reason: Arsenal has a chance to get eight points ahead of Manchester City, who aren’t focused, while also hurting Spurs’ chances of reaching the Champions League and keeping Antonio Conte at the club.

Spurs had a great start to the season, both in terms of results and performances, but they’ve lost their way since their October trip to the Emirates. They had 17 points from seven games going into that game; Since then, they’ve gotten rid of 16 of 11. Additionally, their home record has deteriorated, as they have lost three of their last four games.

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