Millions of broadband and mobile phone customers may see monthly bill increases of more than 14% beginning in April, as if household budgets weren’t already under enough stress.

Mobile phone customers with expensive contracts could face increases of more than £100 if the increases are fully passed on, as many experts anticipate. Home broadband customers would typically pay about £50 more per year.

The CPI rate returned slightly on Wednesday, according to the Office for National Statistics, to 10.5%. This indicates that the telecom service providers will be able to raise prices by 13 to 14 percent.

Millions of mobile and broadband customers,

According to Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at, will now be aware of the magnitude of their bill increases this spring. It appears that the increases will only affect those who are on social tariffs.

According to him, contracts with BT, EE, Plusnet, and Vodafone allowed prices to rise by 3.9% above CPI. Shell Energy can add CPI plus 3%, whereas TalkTalk had CPI plus 3.7%. Sky and Virgin Media contracts both allow price increases during the contract, but unlike rivals, they do not specify a pricing formula.

Customers can begin anticipating a flurry of announcements prior to April, despite the fact that suppliers may surprise customers and withhold a portion of the increase.

Consumer advocacy organizations are urging households that are out of contract to use this as an impetus to switch to a new agreement.

According to Uswitch, switching to a different provider could save broadband customers an average of £162 per year.

According to the consumer group Which?, broadband customers could save an average of £162 per year by switching to a new provider, while hagglers typically saved more than £85 per year.

TalkTalk, Virgin, and Sky have a success rate of over 75%, according to a MoneySavingExpert poll, and other broadband providers have “high success rates.”

“Ofcom still has time to act and cut back on the wholesale price increases that cause these price increases. A spokesperson for TalkTalk stated, “These are exceptional circumstances, and families and businesses across the UK require the regulator to act.” The formula was agreed upon in 2021, when inflation was at 1.5%, they added.

They continued, We are also concerned about the comprehension and transparency of contracts’ inflation-linked price increases. In order to safeguard the interests of our customers, we are investigating this issue.

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