On January 23, attorneys for the government learned about the flight, which would be leaving on January 26, 2022, and they sent an email to Holmes’s legal team to let them know. They responded that she had booked the flight before the verdict in the hopes of attending a Mexican wedding. The plaintiffs wrote that Elizabeth Holmes canceled the ticket, but “it is difficult to know with certainty what Defendant would have done if the government had not intervened.”

Prosecutors claim that Holmes did not meet the requirement to demonstrate that she is not a flight risk.

Elizabeth Holmes was given a sentence of more than 11 years in prison.

According to the plaintiff’s document, she “asserted that her partner pays the monthly bills rather than her.” She also recorded her partner’s salary as zero dollars, justifying her request for the expanded travel based on her partner’s work commitments.

“Has strong ties to her partner and family, including her son and soon-to-be-born child, that incentivize her to comply with her conditions of release,” her attorneys argued in their motion.

At the age of 19, Holmes established the lab testing startup Theranos, promising technology that could perform hundreds of medical tests using just a few drops of blood. Rupert Murdoch and the Walton Family of Walmart, two prominent investors, provided the company with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. James Mattis served on the board of directors as a former defense secretary.

The plaintiffs added, “There is one criminal justice system in this country, not two systems of justice — one for the wealthy and one for the poor.”

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