Hollywood stars are paying tribute to fashion designer, activist, and businesswoman Vivienne Westwood, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 81.

She passed away peacefully, according to Westwood’s eponymous fashion house on social media. There was no justification provided by Vivienne Westwood

“She led an amazing life” was the headline of the announcement. Over the past sixty years, her inventiveness has had a significant impact and will continue to do so. Positive change in the world requires people like Vivienne.

Celebrities have been sharing their reactions to the news of Westwood’s death. Westwood started the punk movement and was a well-known fashion rebel.

After fashion designer Vivienne Westwood passed away on Thursday in her London home, Hollywood is in mourning.
BOB PENNY, Actor in “SWEET HOME ALABAMA” and “FORREST GUMP,” Has Passed Away at 87 Victoria Beckham posted a picture of the designer and wrote, “I’m so sorry to hear that Dame Vivienne Westwood, a legendary designer, and activist, has passed away.” (Image courtesy of Karwai Tang/WireImage) During this incredibly troublesome time, my contemplations are with her loved ones. VB.”

“I was both delighted and terrified by this box of clothes that looked like they would be worn by pirates. My mother was a good girl, my stepfather was a Marine, and my family was very conservative.

Boy George called Westwood the "undisputed Queen of British fashion."

“Tear it will take me a piece to take this in…,” Billy Symbol tweeted. “Sex and the City” alum Kim Cattrall referred to Westwood as “a genuine virtuoso who never lost her northern coarseness” and shared a story about the time she went to Westwood when she showed up in London and needed a dress for an event that would take place in two days. She recalled Westwood’s generosity and kindness in achieving that and saving the day.

Rose McGowan made the following tweet: “What a hellraiser, what a talent, deeply saddened by a true punk’s passing, Vivienne Westwood,” she wrote alongside photographs of her walking the runway in one of Westwood’s designs.

“Vivienne, my dear, rest in peace,” Sam McKnight, Westwood’s longtime friend and hairstylist, wrote on an Instagram picture of the two of them. How fortunate I am to have been in the magical orbit of your world. With the utmost sincerity, many thanks. You are a true pioneer, a controversial figurehead, and an original. In a world of standard mediocrity, BE MORE VIV!”

Amelia Hamlin, a model and daughter of Lisa Rinna, thanked Westwood for giving her the chance to walk in her “first show ever in Paris.” She said that the designer was one of the reasons she wanted to be a runway model in the first place. 

“The simplicity, punk, freedom, and sincerity. I’ve never felt more in charge of my life. I have so much more to say, but I don’t know how to put it into words. Please accept my gratitude at this time. 

Model Karen Elson wrote: This information is awful. Vivienne Westwood, may you rest in peace. She was a daredevil who elevated British fashion to new heights and remained courageously original throughout her career.

You can download the Fox News App by clicking this link. Elson went on to say that “She tore apart notions of femininity and sex,” “was without a doubt one of the most effortlessly original people I’ve ever met,” and “was one of the first to demand that fashion do better in regards to the climate.” Fashion, art, and culture will miss this enormous woman who influenced how we dressed and what we wore.”

In the 1970s, Westwood’s fashion career was launched by her radical approach to urban street style. She did, however, go on to have a long career that was highlighted by numerous runway shows and museum exhibitions that were successful.

Even though she moved to the center from one year to the next, Westwood’s style and mentality were inseparable. Her reach was huge, and her work was always surprising.

Pursue the Amusement Pamphlet by clicking this connection as her height increments. The young woman who had detested the British establishment eventually rose to become one of its most prominent figures, despite keeping her hair dyed that distinctive bright orange color.

According to Andrew Bolton, curator of The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of New York, “Gave the punk movement a look, a style, and it was so radical it broke from anything in the past.” Her previous partners included Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and Westwood.

Bolton mentioned the provocative slogans, safety pins, and ripped shirts. She discussed postmodernism. It had a significant impact beginning in the middle of the 1970s. The punk movement is still going strong; Nowadays, it is a fashion term. It is presently typical.”

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