Learn everything there is to know about Ward In Dota 2 along with other valuable tidbits.

Dota 2 players must use all tools at their disposal to win matches. Warding is one of the most important tools in Dota 2 that gives a team leverage over the opposing team. While players may know what an observer or sentry ward is capable of, they do not understand their true potential.

Players that consistently ward in the popular MOBA can give their team vision and protect them from being flanked. While placing a ward is not complicated, players need to be smart about where they place wards. Keeping this in mind, this guide will cover everything there is to know about warding and other valuable tidbits.


How to Ward in Dota 2

Dota 2 Warding

There is an unsaid rule that supports heroes are responsible for warding, but in reality, any hero can buy and place wards. There are two kinds of wards in Dota 2:

  1. Observer Wards (No Gold Required) – Provides a vision for six minutes in a 1600 radius.
  2. Sentry Wards (50 Gold) – Highlight invisible enemies and wards for six minutes in a 1000 radius.

Destroying observer wards rewards the hero responsible for placing a sentry ward with gold.

Players should utilize wards in the following scenarios:

  • Place wards on cliffs on the top and bottom jungle for vision.
  • Place wards on neutral creep camps to prevent the enemy team from farming.
  • Place wards in enemy jungles for vision and to destroy their wards for an easy gank while they farm.
  • Place wards near Roshan to learn of the enemy team’s whereabouts and to prevent them from getting the Aegis of the Immoral.
  • Place wards on cliffs to keep an eye out for bounty runes.
  • Place wards on the mid-lane near the tier-1 tower to keep an eye out for power runes.
  • Place wards around the base to defend it against the enemy team.
  • Place wards around the enemy base to make them easier to penetrate.
Map Vision Tutorial Dota 2

Players that want to learn more about warding should check out the Map Vision tutorial under the Learn tab.


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