What are The Different Types of Credit Cards in India?

What are The Different Types of Credit Cards in India?

In India, numerous banks offer a variety of credit card options. Credit cards are categorised based on the incentives and perks they provide as well as the applicants’ minimum spending and income requirements. Customers can select any credit card that meets their needs and enables them to take advantage of several bonuses. For instance, if you frequently travel, a travel card is excellent for you, as it can help you accrue air miles and gain access to airport lounges, among other benefits. Also, you can easily transfer money from credit card to bank. Credit cards are available in India through partnerships with the payment networks Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Different Categories of Credit Cards

Here are the different categories of credit cards in India:

Fuel Credit Cards

The fuel credit card assists consumers in saving money on refuelling through cashback programmes for every fuel transaction. Several banks also award bonus reward points if a transaction is completed at a certain company’s gas stations across India. Refuelling at a predetermined price is possible using the acquired reward points. An activation bonus, benefits for entertainment, food, hotel stays, and offers for wellness are just a few more extra benefits.

Contactless Credit Cards

Contactless credit cards enable cardholders to make purchases by tapping their cards at point-of-sale terminals. These incredibly secure contactless transactions don’t require users to input a PIN to make payments. These cards have several advantages, including savings, cashback, freebies, rewards points, access to lounges, concierge services, insurance policies, and more.

Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards are well-liked because they provide limitless travel rewards. These cards provide travel privileges not only within India but also abroad. The majority of banks provide travel credit cards through partnerships with airlines or other travel-related businesses. Customers who use this card for travel-related purchases can accrue air miles. Customers can turn the reward points they accumulate on these cards into air miles, which can be used to purchase tickets and select better seats on flights. Aside from this, certain travel cards give users access to airport lounges. In addition, travel cards give discounts on golf, dining, lodging, and other activities, as well as travel insurance.

Cashback Credit Cards

Customers who use cashback credit cards receive cashback on their purchases, which can range from 5% to 20%, depending on the type of spending. Payment of bills, the purchase of movie tickets, retail purchases, dining expenses, grocery purchases, etc. all qualify for cashback. Fuel surcharge waivers, annual fee refunds, dining and shopping privileges, international acceptance, rewards programs, balance transfers, etc., are the main characteristics of every cashback card.

Co-branded credit cards 

Banks issue co-branded credit cards in collaboration with leading brands across numerous industries and sectors.

Business credit cards 

For businesses that wish to make it simpler for their employees to pay for work-related expenses, banks generally provide business credit cards. given to every employee; they are mostly provided to those who frequently travel for business.

Premium credit cards 

These credit cards, as their name suggests, are exclusive ones with stringent eligibility requirements. They provide first-rate, superior benefits.

Secured credit cards

Getting a credit card may be difficult for those with no credit history or poor credit history. Although they are normally provided against deposits made by the issuing bank, secured credit cards can nevertheless be useful. These are the best options for those attempting to raise their credit card credit scores. Furthermore, you can concurrently earn interest on your bank deposit.

Basic credit cards 

Simple, beginner-friendly credit cards, known as basic credit cards, provide a low credit limit based on your income. Usually, these credit cards provide only a few extra perks or privileges. They are most suitable for those who want to use a credit card for a few months before attempting to build up their credit.

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Various credit card categories are available in India. You may choose the type of card you require with proper understanding. Your financial portfolio might contain more than one type of credit card, so if you qualify for more than one type of card and would profit from it, you can always apply. Remember to pay the bills on time, so you may benefit from the incentives and benefits on your credit card and also enhance your credit score.

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