What are the most visited places in Cartagena

Are you looking to visit Cartagena? But you have no idea about the most visited places in the city. Then, follow our post, which will give you details about all the prominent places in the city.

go on vacation Cartagena de India is renowned for combining the allure of historic buildings with the thrill of exciting nightlife, and lush surroundings. To fly to Cartagena, visit Spirit Airlines Reservations policy to get the best offers on flight tickets.

The Best Attractions & Activities in Cartagena

Explore the Walled City

Colombia’s crown jewel is the enchanting walled city of Cartagena. The magnificent architecture, the majority of which has been painstakingly restored. Takes up a large portion of the city’s historical center. Inviting open areas and squares surrounded by restaurants are accessible via narrow streets. Evenings bring music to the air, with street musicians. Mainly taking over the plazas. Just like characters from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez book and tiny bands performing in restaurants.

Take a Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

One of the most well-liked activities in Cartagena is a horse-drawn. Horse-drawn carriage trip around the old walled city, despite the fact that it may sound cliche. Horses appear to outnumber vehicles in the ancient city. Practically every street has the clip-clock sound of hoofs. If you want to get offers on ticket booking, then visit Spirit Airlines’ booking manual, which updates flight booking information on a daily basis.

Wander the Streets & Plazas of Getsemani

This neighborhood is historic and has many features with the walled city, such as its striking architecture, wooden balconies, and winding streets and alleyways. However, Getsemani seems much more like a real Colombian town; it is less touristic and is more residential. 

While certain streets are well-known for their nightlife, others provide peaceful havens. The busiest center in Getsemani, Plaza de la Trinidad. It is home to street entertainers, food sellers, and visitors perched on the steps of the Iglesia de la Trinidad. If you have booked your itinerary within Spirit Airways ten. You can get flight updates by using Spirit Airlines flight status.

Cartagena’s Cathedral

With its striking tower illuminated up like a scene from a fairy tale at night, the Catedral Santa Catalina de Alejandria ranks as one of the most viewed structures in Cartagena’s old town. As you go about the streets of the ancient city, you may see it from various locations.

The shaded Plaza Bolivar is located across the street from the church. Artists typically set up shop outside the cathedral throughout the day to sell their creations.

Dining in Cartagena

Generally speaking, dining in the ancient city center is excellent, and the chefs here create special meals. From elegant to offbeat, restaurant decor and eating areas are attractions in and of themselves. There is also an incredible selection of restaurants offering excellent Colombian food in addition to other cuisine from across the globe.

Navigate the Tunnels of Castillo San Felipe de Barajas-

Among the best forts the Spanish ever erected in the New World is Castillo San Felipe de Barajas. The fort’s intricate tunnel system and triangular form set it apart from other Spanish forts.

The tunnel system is the fort’s most remarkable feature. Because acoustics were taken into consideration during the tunnels’ construction, the Spanish were able to perceive even the smallest sound made by an approaching party.

Puerta del Reloj or Boca del Puente

The Torre del Reloj, also known as the Puerta del Reloj or Boca del Puente, is the main entrance to the ancient city and is where most people enter the walled area. The enormous yellow clocktower that protrudes from the top of the gate makes it simple to recognize. Performers such as mimes, musicians, and trinket dealers set up shop on either side of the clocktower, especially at night.

Relax at Plaza Bolivar

Given how hot and muggy Cartagena is, some shade is usually much appreciated. A prime location to discover this luxury in the ancient city is Plaza Bolivar, which is situated in front of the Palacio de la Inquisición. Enormous trees offer shade from the sun, and park seats encircle a monument of Simon Bolivar mounted.

Try Street Food

It’s worthwhile to take a stroll around the Plaza de la Trinidad in the evening, even though you don’t have enough time to see Getsemani on its entirety. Residents, as well as tourists, are drawn to this area in front of the church for motives that may initially appear inexplicable.


Early nightfall brings a flurry of activity to the plaza as people swarm the church steps. You can find unusual acts that you won’t find in other parts of the city here, such as fire twirlers and jugglers, or you might be able to join in on a dancing class any given night.
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