What is the Most Visited Places in Key West

What is the Most Visited Places in Key West

Key West is one of the most beautiful places in the United States which is not explored  much. The city has a mix of cultural heritage influences along with breathtaking views that becomes an important place to visit while in the United States.

The place also has a mesmerizing sunset view and while visiting the place the tourist must not miss the sunset. So along with that we suggest the travelers to book your tickets in Delta flights to get maximum benefits in your travel. 

Here is the list of the most visited places in Key West.

The most visited places in Key West are Duval Street, Ernest Hemingway Museum, Key West Conservatory, Sunset at Mallory square, Southernmost point, Tortugas National park, Mel Fisher Museum, and S.Truman Little White House. Scroll down to fetch details of each place. 

1. Duval Street

The place has a vibrant environment and has different kinds of restaurants that serve the best cuisines of the city. Along with that the place has various shopping attractions and for the shopping lovers the place is a must visit. You will find many historical buildings such as the Mallory square, that host several festival events throughout the year.

2. Ernest Hemingway Museum

The museum is famous for its 6 toed cats which are seen there along with the lush greenery and mesmerizing beauty of the gardens. The place has Spanish furniture that belongs to the 17th and 18th century. Make sure to carry some cash while visiting the place as online and digital payments are not allowed and the place accepts only cash mode of payment.

3. Key West Conservatory

The city is famous for its conservatory where you will find various species of birds and different kinds of butterfly. There is also a learning center that provides the knowledge of the entire lifecycle of the butterfly and there is also a section dedicated to the live growing of the butterfly which is a must visit. Visit Delta airlines group travel to know more about the place. 

4. Sunset at Mallory square

the sunset point at the Mallory square should not be missed by the tourists while visiting key West. Along with the sunset you will enjoy various kinds of food celebration, music , dance and other entertainment. You will experience a carnival atmosphere where you will come across different kinds of live musicians, jugglers, and vendors.

5. Southernmost point

The place is known as a selfie spot where travelers from all walks of life visit the place and take a selfie there. You can see the place marked with red black and yellow color along with many Street vendors and live performers.

6. Tortugas National park

If you love parks and animals then this is a must visit place. You will see soft sand beaches along with options of snorkeling and other water adventures. It is an archipelago of seven reef Islands making it distinct from other national parks that only has animals and wildlife creatures.

7. S.Truman Little White House

The house was built in 1890. It also served as the headquarters for the naval command in World War II. Truman visited 1946 during his presidency.

8. Mel Fisher Museum

The museum tells the story of a diver named Mel fisher who came across several shipwrecks and that holds items which are of historical value that are kept at the museum. It has various valuable artifacts which are kept at the museum. It is also one of the oldest shipwrecks to have happened in the past. 

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Key West is one of the beautiful places in the United States and the places not much discovered by the travelers. We suggest people visiting the place once in their lifetime in case they are planning their trip to the United States. Also we request them to book their tickets with the Delta flights to gain maximum benefits and travel at the lowest fares possible. So without wasting anymore time pack your bags and plan your trip to Key West. 

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