When Do You Need to Visit the La Brea Dental Office

When Do You Need to Visit the La Brea Dental Office

Oral health care is not just about taking regular care of your teeth, but also your gums to prevent infections, cavities and several other issues. When you take care of complete oral health, it also benefits other body parts. However, poor hygiene of oral health typically leads to gum disease and dental cavities.

Maintaining good oral health is a matter of lifelong commitment. The earlier the care, the farther you can keep dental issues. There are some regular oral habits like brushing properly, flossing and reducing the amount of sugar intake. All these easy steps can help you avoid those costly dental processes.

A team of dental health involves you and your dental health professionals. Under the guidance of dental health professionals, you can avoid several dental issues from causing further medical complications. If you do, take La Brea Family Dental Care support. La Brea Dental Group provides extraordinary oral health services to people in time. 

The dental health professionals are dentists and dental hygienists. Coming to the dental specialists, the team consists of periodontists, orthodontists and Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons.

Why you need to take care of your dental health 

Teeth play a crucial role in our lives. From helping us chew our food to digesting them, speaking clearly to giving a nice shape to the face, teeth are like the unsung heroes of our body. Maintaining good dental health has so many life-changing benefits.

It not only helps us eliminate painful teeth and gum problems, but also gains confidence, and influences our career and social lives. Visit a La Brea Dental office for a complete dental check-up.

Types of dental and oral diseases 

Still, many people don’t take care of their teeth properly. As a result, things go wrong with time. Most of the oral health problems begin with improper oral hygiene. You may experience any of these dental problems in your lifetime.


Cavities or tooth decay are the tooth areas that have permanent damage or holes in them. This is fairly a common dental issue. Cavities form an acid coating of teeth because of bacteria or food deposit that results in plaque. The acid present in the tooth eats away the top layer of the teeth and its underlying tissues. Consequently, if you leave it without proper care and professional help, the problem can permanently damage your teeth.

There may not be any visible signs of cavities unless it significantly damages the teeth. That’s why a regular visit to the La Brea dental group office is essential. Early signs are mostly easier to treat in comparison to the advanced stages.

Gum disease

Gum disease is a type of gum inflammation called gingivitis. Generally, it is the result of plaque build-up that happens when you don’t brush properly or have poor flossing habits. This gum disease can potentially swell the gums and make them bleed while brushing or flossing. So, proper treatment is necessary for gingivitis, otherwise, it can lead to a more severe infection known as periodontitis.


In case periodontitis progresses, the gum infection can even spread to the bones and jaw. In addition, several other problems may also arise. If you notice gum bleeding or swelling, it is better to book an appointment at the  La Brea dental office for proper treatment before it gets serious. 

Broken teeth 

If a tooth breaks due to a mouth injury as a result of grinding the teeth or chewing solid food needs professional care. A cracked or broken tooth can get serious and be extremely painful. So, it is important to be a part of La Brea family dental care facilities to cure dental problems from experts.

Credit goes to modern dental technology to treat dental problems like tooth decay in their early stages. Treatment in the early stages only eases the medical process and often makes it mildly more uncomfortable than at its worst. Certain medications help in numbing the decaying area to remove pain during cavity filling.

Sensitive teeth 

This is a very common dental problem that causes discomfort and pain. Sensitivity in teeth becomes painful after consumption of hot or cold beverages or food.

Teeth sensitivity is again known as the dentin hypersensitivity. It might occur temporarily post a filling or root canal. In addition, tooth sensitivity can cause due to: 

  • gum disease 
  • a cracked tooth 
  • receding gum
  • worn-down crowns or filling

If a person has thinner enamel, he or she would naturally experience sensitive teeth.

Oral cancer 

Oral cancers can happen in the gums, tongue, soft and hard palate, mouth floor, lips and cheeks. It is a dentist who usually recognises this chronic disease first.

Stop smoking or chewing tobacco to lower the risk factor of oral cancer. Nonetheless, if you suspect any abnormality in your mouth, consult a dentist soon.

Why visit a dentist 

A dental health professional can guide you in deciding how to address your dental issues.

So, it is necessary for every person whether a child, an adult or an old man, to visit dental health professionals on a regular interval. This will ensure you maintain good dental and oral hygiene.

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