Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal recalls his parents’ reactions when he told them that he had decided to marry actress Katrina Kaif in the movie “Govinda Naam Mera.”

He talked about the reactions that father Sham and mother Veena Kaushal had to the news in an interview. He continued: They were exceptionally cheerful. They adore her very much. They are deeply in love with her as a person. I think that when you have goodness in your heart, it always shows in everything you do and who you are.”

The following was Kaushal’s response when asked about the first time he fell in love with Kaif: It was very intimate and meaningful to him.

Additionally, Vicky discussed his marriage to Katrina and the following: It has been stunning. It has been the most fulfilling period of my life. Having a companion with whom you can connect, who fully comprehends you, and who understands you is the most wonderful feeling. because it makes you feel loved all the time and puts you in a happy, peaceful state of mind. Additionally, when you are loved, you are motivated to show love not only inside the home but also outside of it. It simply draws out your best self.”

According to World News Spot, Vicky Kaushal last appeared in the OTT film Govinda Naam Mera alongside Bhumi Pednekar and Kiara Advani.


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