The expanding industry is big business because of the year-round sunshine, five-star ballrooms, beaches, and multifaith churches and temples.(Wedding Dubai)

People of all nationalities and religious denominations, both domestically and internationally, can get married with Easy Wedding Dubai.

Dubai recognizes all official religions, so almost anyone can have a religious wedding there. Before they can wed in front of their religious authority, people must be residents and adhere to the same religion. Alternately, almost anyone in the UAE is eligible for a civil marriage. This takes place in Abu Dhabi, the capital, a one-hour drive from Dubai, where residents and tourists alike can wed.

All kinds of celebrations Dubai’s expanding wedding industry can help plan any kind of celebration, from the most intimate to the most extravagant. An online platform called Bride Club Middle East provides recommendations for vetted vendors such as florists and wedding planners.

Rhiannon Downie-Hurst, the founder of Bride Club Middle East, advises, “Think big, and Dubai will give it to you.”

Wedding planners and celebrants are among the recommended vendors, as are artisan florists like Ame Artistic Studio on Alserkal Avenue, the creative heart of Dubai (âme means “soul” in French).The cascading floral table settings and Instagram-friendly floral archways are also currently popular.

Tasneem Alibhai, a wedding planner based in Dubai, says: Our Indian clients typically make the most unusual requests, such as having the groom arrive on a quad bike, in a helicopter, or with a tiger in a procession—from tigers to elephants to horses.

Tasneem says that weddings in Dubai can cost anywhere from €5,000 to €100,000, but she adds: Dubai has the advantage of not charging venue fees. The wedding attire is another significant expense.Wedding dresses start at €1,200 at Rebekah’s Bridal & Occasion Wear, one of Dubai’s leading bridal boutiques, and can cost up to €6,000 when heavily embellished.

Gowns need not be packed for brides traveling to Dubai for their big day; They can get one when they get there.

According to Jessy Rebekah, owner of the boutique and dress designer, “the magic of technology enables us to discuss dress styles, fabric types, and even do measurements online.” The bride can then complete her dress fittings a week prior to the wedding. We can also make the dresses for the bridesmaids in the same way, which is great for people whose bridesmaids are from all over the world.

According to local celebrant Theresa Du Toit, “the role of the celebrant is basically the same as that of a reverend or a priest in a church setup, but ceremonies with a celebrant can be more individualized and can take place in any location.” I’ve held ceremonies in the desert, private gardens, five-star hotels like Waldorf-Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah, and other amazing locations. We can offer whatever in Dubai.

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