Why Web Apps for Events Are the Ultimate Game Changer

Why Web Apps for Events Are the Ultimate Game Changer

Most of the audience and event planners think that downloading an event app is the best option. However, they are not aware of the disadvantages of these apps compared to web app for events. These apps eliminate the need to download the app, and they can easily be accessed via a web browser and internet connection. They can work and function with many similarities to a mobile event app. With the event web application, attendees can access every information at their fingertips. Since they are akin to websites, they can be easily accessed and are ready to use. They provide great flexibility and convenience to the attendees and event organizers.

In this blog, we will take a look at what makes the event web app the best and a more suitable option than a mobile event application.

No Need to Worry About Installations

There are already multiple apps available on your audience’s smartphones, and most of them may be tired of downloading another app or are restricted by memory space. Events are held for a short period of time, so adding another app that is to be used for a few days is not worth it. Installing them can be so much hassle than just opening a URL to an event web application. You may have all the information you need to provide the attendees readily available without having to download the app, which consists of space. The attendees may end up uninstalling them only after a short time. Using native mobile apps can lose a lot of audiences who may not want to install the app.

Flexibility in Event Promotion

In order to attract the audience, a direct entry into the event app is important. This is why an event management web application is a perfect tool for marketing an event. They even allow you to promote your event on social media platforms. Attendees can access the app without any hassles, just by adding a link with each promotional activity. They can open it immediately and get all the information firsthand. With native apps, you have to upload them to the app store first to make them available to the audience. They will only receive the information only when they download the app. This can take time and the attendees may have to decide whether they want to download the app or not. 

Cost-Effective With the Same Functionality

With native mobile event apps, you may have to implement multiple applications to attract as many attendees as possible. You may have to upload the app to both the Play Store and App Store to facilitate convenience. To reach the audience and if you really have to further enhance the process, you need to make it available for each and every other platform. This may increase the cost of the event. Whereas, web apps for events are a cost-effective way since you only have to design the app with a URL that can be accessed by any web browser. It will basically act as a website, which is much cheaper to create. All the functionality of the web apps is comparable to native apps to improve the experience without compromising the performance.

No Waiting Around to Make It Operational

Computer, tablet, or mobile web apps, can be deployed immediately after they are created. Whereas native apps take much longer to be available for the attendees. This is because they are a software-based application which takes longer to develop. Then to make them available for the audience, you need to list them over the app stores, which can take up to a few weeks. This involves checking the app for content and functionality, and in the worst cases, the application might get rejected. An event web app is a simple website that works as an application that can be made available and operational immediately. This saves you time and effort with a solution that can be used right after it is completed.

One Application for All Devices

Event apps are a great innovation that can be used to facilitate a better experience for the attendees. From seamless event registration to enhanced engagement, these apps are capable of functioning very well for an array of events. With native apps, the only problem is that they have to be created individually for each event. This can be time-consuming and attendees may not download the app on their devices. Whereas, web app for events are easy to develop and make available for the attendees. There is no need to download them as they are easily accessible via a web browser. Moreover, you do not have to worry about creating a mobile event app individually for each device, a single web app will work for all devices.


A web app for events is the best solution, they help in providing convenience and flexibility to the attendees. They are the best to use for an event because there is no need to develop a new native app for each event. Which is a time-consuming process and is not cost-effective at all. With web apps, you can easily create and make them available to the attendees immediately, and they are a cost-effective solution. Along with many more benefits, which makes them a more suitable option than mobile event apps. 

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