Many of us are tightening our belts and rethinking our travel plans for next year as a result of the cost of living crisis.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the Winter Budget sun. The slow time of year is an extraordinary opportunity to track down bargains on siestas in hotter climes.

OTA Insight looked at the average hotel room price per night for all-star ratings to determine where to travel at the lowest cost during the February half-term in 2023.

Key cities and destinations that are typically warmer in the Winter Budget sun and where you can stay for €100 or less per night were selected for the analysis.

The nine cheapest places to enjoy the sun this winter are listed below.

1. Stay in Sardinia, Italy, for €100 per night Sardinia only tips over €100 for a typical night’s stay, but it offers a lot. Even though you might not be able to sunbathe on the beach in February, you can still enjoy the beautiful beaches by walking along them and taking in the sights.

During the winter, there aren’t many people there because there are so many cultural and culinary experiences to do.

In February, Sardinia experiences an average of five hours of sunshine per day and daily maximum temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. Although there isn’t much rain, the weather is still quite cold, so bring plenty of layers to keep warm.

2. Stay in Nice, France, for €99 per night. Even in the winter, this glitzy city still exudes class. Additionally, its usual crowds of tourists are significantly reduced.

From one of the cafes or bars on Nice’s famous bayfront promenade, take in the stunning sunsets at night.

Temperatures in Decent begin to warm up again in January making it a wonderfully gentle spot to look for some colder time of year sun. With nine hours of sunshine, average daily temperatures can reach 13 degrees, but bring warm clothing for the night.

3. Stay in Marbella, Spain, for €99 per night. The Costa del Sol is known for its sunny summer vacations, but it is also a great place to spend the Winter Budget sun. Instead of relaxing on the beach, take advantage of some of Marbella’s sporting facilities.

Take advantage of the cooler weather by going on a hike through the countryside or playing golf at one of the region’s 70 courses.

Marbella has a protected microclimate with seven hours of sunshine per day and average February highs of 16 degrees Celsius. Although the average precipitation is lower than in January, this is still one of the wettest months, so bring an umbrella.

4. In February, a one-bedroom apartment in Montpellier, France, will set you back on average €90 per night. Winter Budget sun is the best time to enjoy cultural festivals and everything else the city has to offer, even though it may not be as hot as summer.

Take a blanket and a steaming cup of hot chocolate to one of its many tea rooms.

During the month of February, the weather in Montpellier is cool and breezy, with highs of 12 degrees Celsius and a 1% chance of rain.

5. Stay in Casablanca, Morocco, for €87 per night in February. If you want to avoid crowds, this is a good time to visit. It likewise implies you’ll pay less for convenience, on a normal €87 every evening.

You can take in the distinctive architecture of the city without the usual crowd of tourists, or you can enjoy hiking in the cooler weather.

It is quite possibly the hottest objective on this rundown with a typical everyday limit of 18C. You can anticipate something like seven hours of daylight daily. However, February is the wettest month, so bring appropriate clothing.

6. During the off-season, the average cost of lodging in Malta is lower at €86 per night. During February, it will cost you €86 per night on average.

Without the usual summer crowds, major museums and historical sites are likely to be less crowded. Additionally, this is a great time to visit Malta’s bars, restaurants, and pubs.

The island has a cooler winter, but it is still warmer and sunnier than most of Europe. In February, Malta experiences an average of eight hours of sunshine per day and daily high temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius. Stay in Crete, Greece, for €80 per night. During the winter, there are fewer tourists, so the average cost of a room drops to €80 per night.

At this time of year, it is also greener and the mountains are covered in snow, making it arguably more beautiful than in the dry summer. Famous places like Elafonisi and Knossos won’t be crowded either.

In February, the average daily temperature in Crete is 16 C, and 55% of the time, it will be perfectly sunny. However, if you want to take a dip, it’s best to stick to a heated pool because the sea is likely to be too cold.

7. Stay in Rhodes, Greece, for €78 per night in February. The cost of a room in Rhodes falls to an average of €78 per night in February.

Take advantage of the cooler weather to explore the island’s winding paths—hiking in the heat of the summer can be difficult. If you enjoy water sports, this area’s sea is still warmer in winter than in northern Europe.

In February, Rhodes experiences an average of five hours of sunshine per day. Although nighttime temperatures are lower than at some of the other locations on this list, they reach a daily maximum of 15C. The weather conditions can be a piece unusual during this season, in any case, so get ready for all possibilities.

8. Portimao, Portugal, is less expensive than many other Winter Budget sun destinations in Portugal at an average price of €77 per night. Despite being the largest city in the western Algarve, it is frequently much less crowded than the nearby beach towns.

The average daily maximum temperature in February is around 16 C, which is not as hot as some of the other places on the list but is certainly hotter than northern Europe. If you want to go out after dark, bring warm clothes because the temperature can drop a lot when the sun goes down.


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