physically fitness.

A lot of people have a negative view of physically fitness. They think that just going to the gym and doing intense workouts can help them reach their fitness goals.

That is not the case, however. To stay in shape, one can also engage in other physical activities, such as hobbies and slower workouts.

In one of her Instagram posts, nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor explains that exercise is not a “punishment for what you ate,” but rather a “celebration of your body’s abilities. “There are literally thousands of ways to exercise. “Whether you realize it or not, exercise plays a significant role in your life in the form of hiking, yoga, and weight lifting,” she writes.

Exercise ought to be “enjoyable, exciting, and a great way for you to truly access who you are at your core,” the expert adds. “Exercise refocuses, re-centers, and realigns everything about who you are,” she says in the caption. In a fun and exciting way, exercise allows you to channel your hectic life’s stress and negativity. physically fitness

Kapoor shows in a chart that goes with the caption that most people think running, weight lifting, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) should be part of their exercise routine.

But, she shows in the following slide that it can also comprise:

1. Dancing
2. Gardening
3. Cleaning the flat
4. Stretching
5. Yoga
6. Skipping
7. Paddle-boarding
8. Walking

Kapoor adds that a part of healing the relationship one has with their body is “improving the lived experience in it, and that means finding ways you enjoy moving your body”.

“You are not required to exercise in a specific manner,” she concludes. You need to go outside and figure out how you like to exercise. What is it about being alive that makes your body feel happy? world news health


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